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How To Get Daisy Jones & The Six’s 1970s Look @ Home

March 3, 2023

In spirit of the highly anticipated release of the new Daisy Jones & The Six series featuring Riley Keough, granddaughter of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley, our pals at Benjamin Moore share how to recreate the ’60s and ’70s style that’s making a comeback in 2023 interior design trends. Read on for all the tips to get the Daisy Jones & The Six look and incorporate these vintage elements into your home. —Vita Daily

Throw It Back With Colour

Inspired by the 1970s style and Daisy and Billy’s song Honeycomb, the number 1 colour to help you get the Daisy Jones & The Six look is a Benjamin Moore hue that bears its name: Honeycomb 1120. The deep, orange-tinted honey brown is unforgettably rich and luxurious, while also warm and energetic. This colour is the perfect comforting hue to include in any room where you want to promote conversation, enjoyment and relaxation.

To match the vintage charm of the show, use exactly that, Vintage Charm 1455, or reach for Hollywood fame and fortune like the beloved rockstar band with Hollywood Gold 279. Incorporate elements of these retro colours in big and bold ways on walls and furniture, or utilize them in simpler accent pieces such as pillows and picture frames.

Tap Into 1970s Boho Using Natural Materials & Textures

Embrace the shaggy rugs, deep woods and tapestry that immediately brings that vintage feel into your space. These rustic and rich colours pair perfectly with a distinctive elegant brown such as Wenge AF-180 or a balanced green and yellow hue such as Savannah Green 2150-30, two colours featured in the Colour Trends 2023 Palette.

Go Big (& Bright) Or Go Home

Bold colours are making a comeback in interior design and it’s time to hit rewind and touch on the maximalist high contrast saturated colours we all know and love from the decade. Paint a feature piece such as a bookcase, doorframe, or cabinet in bold stand out vintage colours like Deep Rose 2004-10, or Woodland Hills Green 543. These powerful hues pair perfectly with neutrals to bring life and energy to your room. You’ll be reliving the disco era and want to dance the night away.



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