How To Choose The Right Glass For Your Dink

March 20, 2023

There’s a reason different drinks belong in different drinkware. Ultimately, the type of glass you choose (and this often refers to shape) can enhance the drinking experience and bring out the unique characteristics of each wine or liquor. The right type of glass for different kinds of wine and liquor can vary based on a few factors, such as the type of wine or liquor, its age, and the intended drinking experience. Here are some general guidelines. —Vita Daily

Red Wine: A larger, rounder glass with a wide bowl is ideal for red wine as it allows the wine to breathe and enhances the aromas. A Bordeaux glass, with its tall shape and broad bowl, is a good choice for full-bodied reds, while a Burgundy glass, with its wider bowl and tapered rim, is better suited for lighter-bodied reds.

White Wine: A smaller glass with a narrower bowl is best for white wine as it keeps the wine cooler and focuses the aromas towards the nose. A smaller, U-shaped glass is ideal for light-bodied whites, while a slightly larger glass with a more rounded bowl is better suited for fuller-bodied whites.

Sparkling Wine/Champagne: A tall, narrow flute is the classic choice for sparkling wine or champagne. The narrow shape helps to preserve the bubbles and directs the aromas towards the nose.

Fortified Wine: A small, narrow glass is ideal for fortified wines such as sherry or port. These wines are typically higher in alcohol and require a smaller serving size, which is why a smaller glass is appropriate.

Whiskey/Scotch: A tumbler or rocks glass is the traditional choice for whiskey or scotch. The wide rim of the glass allows the aromas to be enjoyed while sipping.

Gin/Vodka: A tall, narrow glass with a slight taper is ideal for gin or vodka. The narrow shape helps to focus the aromas toward the nose, while the taper allows for a more controlled drinking experience.


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