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7 “Ugly” Décor Trends

May 7, 2023

Just like fashion, home decor trends come and go, and some can be considered “ugly” or outdated over time. Here are a few examples of decor trends that are often considered unappealing or outdated. —Vita Daily

  1. Overly-matching decor: A room that is entirely decorated in the same colour or pattern can look outdated and lack personality. Mixing different colours, textures, and patterns can make a room look more interesting and dynamic.
  2. Shag carpeting: This thick, plush carpeting was popular in the 1970s, but is now considered outdated and difficult to clean. Consider a low-pile carpet or hardwood flooring instead.
  3. Avocado green and harvest gold: These colours were popular in the 1970s and can make a room look outdated. Consider using more modern colours like neutrals, pastels or jewel tones.
  4. Popcorn ceilings: This textured ceiling treatment was popular in the 1980s but can be difficult to clean and often contains asbestos. Consider having it removed and replaced with a smooth ceiling.
  5. Plastic furniture covers: These clear or patterned covers were often used to protect furniture from spills and stains but can make a room look tacky. Consider using slipcovers that can be easily removed and washed instead.
  6. Wood panelling: Dark, outdated wood panelling can make a room look gloomy and dated. Consider painting it a lighter colour or replacing it with drywall or modern panelling.


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