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6 Best-Smelling Hotels In The World

May 13, 2023

While the concept of the “best-smelling” hotels can be subjective, there are some hotels that are known for their pleasant and memorable scents. Here are a few hotels around the world that are often praised for their captivating fragrances:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan): This luxury hotel is famous for its signature scent called “Water,” which evokes a calm and peaceful ambiance with its fresh and floral notes.
  2. The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre (Dubai, UAE): Known for its intoxicating aroma, this hotel uses a signature scent called “Asia Mood,” featuring hints of sandalwood, patchouli, and oud, creating an exotic and luxurious ambiance.
  3. The St. Regis New York (New York City, USA): This iconic hotel has a distinctive scent known as the “Caroline’s Four Hundred,” named after Caroline Astor, a prominent figure in New York society during the Gilded Age. The fragrance features notes of lilies, roses, and fresh greenery, evoking a sense of opulence.
  4. Aria Hotel Budapest (Budapest, Hungary): This boutique hotel is well-known for its unique scent called “Mandarin, Rhapsody in Red.” It blends citrusy mandarin notes with a hint of spicy pepper and creates a captivating and invigorating fragrance throughout the hotel.
  5. The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin (Berlin, Germany): This hotel boasts a captivating signature scent called “The Ritz-Carlton Berlin,” featuring a blend of fresh citrus, white flowers, and warm woody notes, creating a sophisticated and inviting ambiance.
  6. Rosewood London (London, UK): The Rosewood London hotel has its own signature scent known as “The Essence of Rosewood.” This fragrance combines notes of leather, wood, and hints of spices, creating a luxurious and warm atmosphere.

Remember that scents can vary over time, and different guests may have diverse preferences. While these hotels are often mentioned for their memorable fragrances, it’s always a good idea to experience them firsthand to determine your personal favorite. —Vita Daily


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