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7 Surprising Selections For National Wine Day

May 19, 2023

May 25 marks the day to celebrate good sips. From budget-friendly to zero-alcohol to unexpected packaging and beyond, here are some wonderful Wine Day offerings in a variety of categories. —Catherine Dunwoody

CHEAP ‘N CHEERFUL: 120 from Chilean winery Santa Rita has a  Cabernet Sauvignon for just $9 at BC Liquor Stores until June 3. At this price, if your wine rack is empty, load ’er up.

BC BUBBLE: Langley’s Township 7 has released their 2019 seven stars Polaris and it’s a beauty, crafted in the traditional Méthode Champenoise style, then undergoes a secondary fermentation or prise de mousse, where they literally “capture the sparkle” in the bottle. Made from 100% chardonnay, pop a cork and toast to Wine Day in serious style.

NON-ALCOHOLIC: Wander + Found Pinot Noir is a red blend created in the style of a Spätburgunder, otherwise known as a Pinot Noir. See? We teach you stuff here at Vita. This one is zero-alcohol, a lovely sipper rich with ripened dark fruits, dried currants, and possesses that silky tannin mouth feel we expect in a red wine, but with no boozy-buzz.

WINE-IN-A-BOX: Years ago, boxed wine used to come with a not-so-great stigma attached as being poor quality, and usually with a big fat headache bonus. Times have changed, and better-quality wines are on offer. Boxed wine consists of outside packaging, a bladder filled with wine inside, an exterior spout, and that all keeps things contained plus nice and fresh. Great for home patio parties (think, no broken glass poolside). Langley, BC winery Chaberton’s Estate Winery Cuvee Blanc White Blend 4 L box is available at the winery plus Everything Wine.

ORGANIC: Fancy-French and organic? Oui. Chateau Caraguilhes Pays D’Oc Viognier Marsanne L’Olivette Organic is a light, bright, blend of Grenache Blanc and Marsanne from the Languedoc. Excellent value and ideal steamed clams or grilled shrimp.

POUCH: Bizou + Yukon Pooch Pouch in Wandering White is an organic blend in a recyclable container. Each pouch holds the equivalent of two bottles of wine, stands up on its own, stays fresh for weeks after opening, and offers and 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles. Online or at Save on Foods & Real Canadian Superstore.

BOXED SET: Who doesn’t love a nice wine gift box, to give or get? Blasted Church Vineyards Gourmet Blessings has a new, limited-edition box of in-house-created culinary treats plus two delicious wines, the Syrah rosé and pinot noir. Recipes, video tutorials by Chef John Burke plus a package of espelette and sumac panko, honey and mustard from Flip Flop Farms, and dried morels from Ponderosa Mushrooms.


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