4 Ways To Work With Energy Medicine

May 25, 2023

The practice of energy healing or energy medicine has been steadily making its way into the mainstream, which makes sense when you consider that humans are energetic beings. We are made up of cells, which are comprised of atoms, which are made up of particles, which are, in their essence, vibrating energy.

Our energetic state and capacity is revealed by the state of our nervous system. When our system is overstimulated with energy, it can show up as anxiety or overwhelm. When our energy gets stuck, it can show up as depression, fatigue, or feeling numb. Historically, all around the world, what we now call energy centres have been called chakras–energy medicine is essentially teaching us how to unblock chakras.

There are many different modalities that can support greater energetic balance. If you’re curious, here are four ways you can work with energy medicine, and a few tried and true healers we’ve experienced. –Monika Krake

1. We’ve worked with several energy healers who tune in and actually use their senses to do energetic clearings from the body, and then offer insights as to where you picked up that particular energy blockage, and how to support yourself in not falling into similar patterns in the future. 

2. A form of healing that originated in Japan, Reiki healers work with divine Reiki energy/light, and bring that through the body to clear and balance any stuck or stagnant energy. We love the Reiki sessions offered by Robyn Rainey, Carrie at Zen Den in Gastown, and Sharla at Spirit School in Squamish. 

3. Breathwork is another powerful way to shift energy and release stuck patterns in the body (and in life!) as it supports our system in re-patterning towards greater emotional and energetic balance. During a guided breathwork session, it’s common to feel a lot of emotions and energy being released from the body, which can feel more powerful than years of therapy because breathwork is such an embodied experience. Breathwork for business? Yes it’s a powerful tool for business clarity and alignment, too. 

4. Shamanism is another path to energy healing, and can include everything from psychedelic journeys, to guided visualizations, to Spring Guidance, using drumming and music, along with different forms of breathwork to promote an altered state. Journeying can be a very powerful way to receive clarity, guidance and inner connection.

Written by Monica Krake, certified Breathwork Practitioner and founder of Head + Heart. Monica helps businesses get clear on their mission and bring it to life in the most aligned way via breathwork +spiritual website creation.


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