Absolut Uses AI Technology To Mix Cocktails For Vancouver Neighbourhoods

May 25, 2023

It’s no surprise that Canadians have a thirst for trying new things, including new food and beverage experiences. And with Artificial Intelligence (AI) making progressive strides like never before, why not introduce modern technology to mixology to pave the way for first-of-its-kind cocktail creations?

As the world’s first vodka brand to create visual cocktails using AI, Absolut has mixed up cocktails inspired by the people, places and culture that make up Vancouver, including Gastown, Davie Village, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, Chinatown and Downtown! The journey? Absolut started in Vancouver, tapping the expertise of local residents to discover the key ingredients of their neighbourhoods and what makes them unique. Absolut then gave these ingredients to an AI platform and asked it to mix stunning cocktail artwork, celebrating each neighbourhood. From there, Absolut took the AI cocktail artwork and worked with bartenders to make the unreal, real, mixing them into delicious cocktail recipes so everyone can drink their neighbourhood. The result: unique and delicious cocktails that allow drinkers to experience the best parts of bustling Canadian neighbourhoods in a single sight and sip. 

And the best part? Canadians can try these cocktails for themselves by visiting Canadians will also have a chance to nominate their neighbourhood to be mixed up next! Yup, by visiting Absolut’s website, anyone can nominate their hood to be mixed into the next Absolut visual cocktail. Cheers!


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