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5 Hot Sneakers For Summer 2023

May 28, 2023

With warmer days approaching, the possibility of being outside for more extended strolls has become more likely. Thank goodness athleisure is all the rage because we have compiled a list of sneakers that will keep you fashionable yet functional all day long. —Brieanna McCutcheon

The quintessential ‘it-girl’ shoe is the Adidas Samba. The shoe pairs well with any fit and is highly versatile. The price is also unbeatable. At $100 or so, the shoe can not be beat. Dressing up the shoe is easy. Wear tailored pants and a loose blouse. Or, if a casual style is the vibe of the day, grab some high wasted, straight-leg jeans and a cute tank. 

Worn by Hailey Bieber and Harry Styles, the Gazelle is more stylish than practical than the athletic Asics. This style has many colours while offering sizes five through 15, providing most a size. They are also affordable, coming in at $130 for a pair. 

The lifestyle shoes from On are fashion-forward yet practical. The technology helps carry the wearer from day to night with no issues. With more than 12 different colourways to choose from, On’s Cloudnovas have lots of options to work with current wardrobes that are in place. Slightly more expensive, the shoe is $200.

Oh, Veja, what to say about the lovely German brand? The sneaker is economical, mixing minimalist style with the latest technologies for footwear. If a wider shoe is a better option, Veja’s will be the go-to sneaker of the season. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both wore these sneakers years back. A fun alternative is the three velcro details. Embrace the child in you in the $251 shoe and strap on these bad boys made with a rubber sole and chrome-free leather.

Golden Goose was born in Venice and has since made its way worldwide, where socialites and celebrities wear the brand. Due to their artistic aesthetic, it is perhaps the most fun of all the sneakers on the list. Style options include the animal-print selection, sparkling selection and the star collection. To choose something different, opt for a pair from the sparking selection so your outfit is the shoe. I just remembered that I should include the fact that the shoe is handmade in Italy. These pretty little gems are also made to look naturally distressed, so there are zero worries about getting them dirty. These will run you north of $600, so bring that cash.

Asics founding philosophy is ANIMA SANA IN CORPORE SANO, meaning, A Sound Mind, in A Sound Body. This brand is a through-and-through shoe for runners. The Asics GEL-1130 sneaker adds a sporty touch to any dress or short outfit. These bad boys possess excellent ankle support and help cushion any impact from walking and running. The shoes are only $100, not too shabby of a price for comfort and style.


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