5 Tips To Protect Your Pets During The Holidays

November 14, 2023

The holiday season, with its added decorations, foods, and presents, invites a world of wonder for our curious pets. As the parties roll in, feasts are laid out, and gifts are wrapped, the allure of new sights and scents can lead them into mischief. With that in mind, Trupanion, the leader in medical insurance for pets, scanned its database of over 10 million veterinary invoices received over the last 20 years and uncovered some pet health insights that underscore the importance of being attentive to our pets during these festivities. Here are five tips from Dr. Sarah Nold, veterinarian and Trupanion team member, to help protect your pet during the upcoming holidays. —Vita Daily

1.     Monitor Decorations: Ensure that ornaments, tinsel, and candles, although visually appealing, are out of your pet’s reach to prevent unintended ingestion or other dangers.

2.      Avoid Offering Bones: While they might seem like a fitting treat, bones can pose serious choking hazards and cause internal injuries to pets.

3.      Exercise Caution with Festive Foods: Grapes and raisins, though seemingly harmless, are poisonous to pets and have caused significant distress. Trupanion has processed over 15,550 invoices due to grape or raisin ingestion in the past ten years, with one invoice amounting to $10,840. Equally perilous is chocolate, which is toxic to both felines and canines. Over the same period, Trupanion has assisted more than 8,908 pets who consumed chocolate, with one invoice amounting to $9,300.

4.      Ensure Waste Management: Make certain that trash, especially post-feast residues, is secure and inaccessible to pets to avoid any consumption of harmful substances.

5.      Provide a Safe Environment: With the influx of guests and heightened activity, pets can feel overwhelmed. It’s essential to allocate a serene and secure spot for them to retreat.


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