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This F Cancer Pendant Raises Funds

December 2, 2023

Canadian jewelry designer and cancer survivor Susan Fiedler has launched a new sterling silver F Cancer Embrace Life pendant to raise funds and awareness for cancer causes. We chatted with Susan to learn more. —Vita Daily

Hi Susan! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

Early in my career, I founded Soul Flower, which grew to become one of Canada’s leading design houses of sterling silver jewelry. After selling Soul Flower in 2010, I fulfilled a life-long dream: traveling the world by sailboat while focusing entirely on social ventures. Since then, I have collaborated with the Royal Bank of Canada, the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and other organizations to create jewelry for charity campaigns. When not in my studio, I can be found embracing life on the water, slopes and trails in beautiful British Columbia.

When and why did you launch your F Cancer pendant?

Launched in October of 2023 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the F Cancer initiative and my remission from a blood cancer, the F Cancer Embrace Life pendant is not just jewelry, it’s a form of expression and therapy.

How does the fundraising part work, and what is your goal?

The mission: to fundraise for patient services and foster an environment of support. This call to arms against cancer has already made a profound impact, raising over $300,000 for organizations like Inspire Health and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

How much is the pendant, and where can one purchase?

Available now, the pendants start at $125 with four chain lengths and styles. Also available, the original “fuck cancer” sterling silver bracelet which comes in three sizes starting at $185, and a copper version beginning at $75. As the holidays approach, give the gift of strength and solidarity. These pieces are more than accessories; they’re a rally cry, a hug, a laugh—a steadfast companion on the journey of life. Find the full collection in time for Christmas online.

What’s your message to those currently battling cancer?

I believe that to face the big battles, we need big words. Living with cancer requires bravery, self-awareness, and that secret source of power—a sense of humour.


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