5 Tips To Build A Festive Bouquet

December 19, 2023

As the final countdown to the holidays is on, piece together a Christmas tree counterpart which just might become the season’s showstopper. These festive florals naturally create an exquisite holiday bouquet. Build one with our festive tips, below. —Julia Dumbrell

Take Inspiration from the Season: This time of year brings bright colour schemes of joy and peace. Let the season’s shades of natural green, calming white and popping red guide the bouquet, using in-season florals like an Amaryllis, Anthurium or romantic red Rose.

Start with a Focal Flower: Designing winter bouquets around a showstopper will heed impressive effects. Now is the time to pick that Poinsettia, in full bloom after months of blossoming. Place it at the bouquet’s centre and see how inspiration for other flowers naturally grows around it.

Filler Flowers Round Out Festivity: It’s easy to fill out the bouquet with seasonal touches. For filler flowers, signatures of the season include bursting bushels of jagged mistletoe and angelic strands of white flowery baby’s breath. 

Trim with Christmas Bits and Bobs: Complete the bouquet with clippings from the Christmas Tree, ribbons from holiday wrapping and lightweight holiday ornaments. Making use of the extra bits and bobs we have laying around the house, this personalization makes bouquets feel all the more festive.

Display the Bouquet: Once complete, the floral arrangement deserves a centrepiece spot in holiday festivities. The final creation will make a fabulous decoration with a dinner buffet, and transform a coffee table on Christmas morning. Or, wrap up the vase with a big red bow, and leave the bouquet on a friend or neighbour’s doorstep to make the most wonderful days of their season shine.


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