7 Holiday Helpers From The PC Insiders Report

December 19, 2023

With party invites and festive dinner plans galore, the holiday season is certainly in full swing. Coincidentally, these holi-days can also feel like we never have enough time or recipes. Known among Canadians kitchens as the holiday helper, the PC Insiders Report comes to the rescue again. An oh-so-special 40th-anniversary edition offers hundreds of seasonal products, recipes and ideas. With seven favourites from this year’s PC Insiders Report below, our guide is for those in a bind who promised to bring appies or desserts to their evening social commitments (hint: it’s all of us). —Vita Daily

With 16 layers of French butter making for the perfect flake bite, the Ready to Bake All Butter Croissants are definitely one of PC’s new season standouts ($6). The pastries were made in France, effortlessly bringing a Parisenne boulangerie home for the holidays.

PC infused two of our favourite treats into one perfectly fudgy, creamy and minty bite with the Candy Cane Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites ($5.50). Wrapped in rich, chocolate cookie dough, all sweet-tooths have to do is pull them out of the freezer and enjoy.

PC has newly entered the Gnocchi game, with undeniably delicious flavours like Butter Sage Sweet Potato and Pomodoro Cauliflower Gnocchi ($6 each). With minimal ingredients, these pillowy gnocchi taste just like, if not better, than our restaurant go-tos. 

The PC Eggplant Parmigiana Sfogliatelle Pastry Bites are stuffed with savoury delights, hand-shaped in Italy with all the rich flavours of eggplant, three cheeses and a tomato-bechamel sauce ($10).

To our delight, PC brought back the Thai Basil Shrimp Spring Rolls, an essential at every great party ($12). The paper-thin delicacies are hand-rolled with one full Thai basil leaf per roll, and stuffed with plump shrimp, yam beans, carrots, cabbage and scallions.

Another PC bring-back, the PC World of Flavours Turkey Stuffing Flavour Rippled Potato Chips uniquely combine poultry seasoning, sage, black pepper, celery and parsley into the ridges of their iconic crinkle-cut potato chips ($2.80).


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