8 Steps To Building A Champagne Tower

December 28, 2023

Creating a champagne tower can be a stunning and festive way to serve champagne at special events or celebrations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a champagne tower:

Materials Needed:

  1. Champagne Glasses:
    • Use identical champagne glasses for a uniform look. The number of glasses will depend on the size of the tower you want to create.
  2. Champagne Bottles:
    • The number of bottles depends on the size of the tower and the capacity of the glasses. It’s a good idea to have a couple of extra bottles on hand.
  3. Large Flat Surface:
    • Choose a stable, flat surface for assembling the tower. A sturdy table or a custom-built tower stand works well.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Select the Glasses:
    • Choose champagne glasses that are of the same size and shape. Flute glasses work well for this purpose. Ensure that the glasses are clean and free of any residue.
  2. Determine the Size of the Tower:
    • Decide how many levels you want in your tower. A common configuration is a pyramid shape with a wide base and narrowing as it goes up. Consider the number of glasses per level based on the size of your gathering.
  3. Build the Base:
    • Start by creating a solid base with the champagne glasses. Arrange the glasses in a square or circular shape, making sure that the bases of the glasses touch each other. This forms the foundation of the tower.
  4. Build the Second Level:
    • Once the base is secure, add a second layer of glasses on top. Position each glass directly above the gap between two glasses in the layer below. The glasses should touch each other to create stability.
  5. Continue Building:
    • Repeat the process, adding layers on top of each other, reducing the number of glasses in each layer to create a pyramid shape. Be cautious as you build higher, and ensure that the tower remains stable.
  6. Fill the Glasses:
    • Pour champagne into the top glass of the tower, allowing it to overflow and cascade down into the glasses below. Use a funnel for a more controlled pour, and have additional bottles of champagne ready for refilling.
  7. Toast and Enjoy:
    • Once the tower is assembled and filled, invite everyone to gather around for a toast. Encourage guests to take a glass from the tower, creating a cascading effect as the tower is gradually deconstructed.
  8. Have a Plan for Cleanup:
    • Keep in mind that disassembling the tower can be a bit messy. Have towels or a bucket ready to catch any spills, and consider designating someone to assist with cleanup.


  • Chill the Champagne: Ensure that the champagne is well-chilled before pouring to enhance the visual effect and keep the tower stable.
  • Practice Before the Event: If possible, practice assembling a smaller version of the tower before the actual event to get a feel for the process.
  • Use Plastic Glasses: If you’re concerned about breakage, consider using plastic champagne glasses for a similar visual effect without the risk of glass breakage.

Creating a champagne tower can be a show-stopping centerpiece for your celebration, adding an element of elegance and excitement to the event. —Vita Daily


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