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The Healthy Nail Tips You Need From A Pro Technician

January 2, 2024

Morgan Haile, a nail technician and media spokesperson for Morgan Taylor and Gelish, has been immersed in the world of nails from a young age, inheriting a passion for lacquer from her family’s business, Nail Alliance. In 2012, she and her cousin Taylor Daniel launched Morgan Taylor in Orange County, California, propelling it to media stardom and global success within just 11 years.

With real industry experience gained from playing with products, attending trade shows, and working at the warehouse, Haile identified the lacquer’s demand, surpassing competitors and establishing Morgan Taylor as a beauty industry force. The brand garnered awards and collaborated on successful movie-inspired collections.

Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel, both industry leaders, actively contribute to colour development and marketing, not only for Morgan Taylor but also for Nail Alliance’s sister brand, Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish—the first gel polish to be packaged in a bottle, with a brush, as a quick, easy, and efficient gel application process. They’ve explored colour harmonies in Paris, France, showcasing their commitment to creativity and innovation.

Haile wears many hats, serving as the national and international media spokesperson for Morgan Taylor and Gelish, a nail art expert, and an organizer of brand partnerships, including sponsorships for New York Fashion Week and celebrity manicurist collaborations. In a recent interview, Haile shared insights into current and upcoming nail trends. —Ashley Harris

What are some of the most common nail techniques you have been seeing recently and could you speak on the frequency of visits in terms of these different nail techniques?

Soft gel tips are a new way for nail extensions. The speed of applying pre-shaped full-coverage soft gel tips makes the long nail easier. More soft gel tips are clear, but neutral-coloured tips will be an upcoming trend. Frequency of visits is usually every 2 ½ weeks or based on nail growth.

What are the most common nail colours/trends you have been seeing recently?

The trend we are loving is velvet textured nails. This sublet look can be as a full coverage, as a French tip, or incorporated into nail art.

Do you have any nail trend predictions for 2024?

Top nail trends we’ll be seeing in 2024:

  1. Neutral nails with high gloss or shimmer topper
  2. 90’s trends will be making a comeback. Think: Sleek finishes, minimalist nail art, shorter lengths, and sophisticated updates to classic styles, like the French manicure.
  3. Galaxy, aurora, stars, butterflies nail art will gain popularity. Try colour combos, 3D effects, and rhinestones will make these trends the biggest trend of the year!


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