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Here’s Where To Get A 24K Gold Lash Lift In Vancouver

January 7, 2024

Ready to slay (and up-level/uplift) your lash game? Come with us to Jun Studios in Vancouver and find out how 24-karat gold is a crucial part of eyelash maintenance. —Natasha Cova-Mendoza


Okay, here’s the lowdown on that lash lift longevity. So, the lift lasts like 6-8 weeks, but it’s not about the curl taking a vacay—it’s more about the lash cycle doing its thing! Lashes shed and new ones grow straight. By week 6, you might feel the lift’s losing its oomph—totally normal! Ready to slay with your lash game? Share your lash lift tales in the comments! And if you’re eyeing that lush lift life, give Rita a holler at Jun Studio! Stay fab, beaut ies! 📍 2212 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 4H7 🤳 @Natasha ✨ @junstudios 
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