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The Mom Flow: Life + Work Reset Starts NOW

January 7, 2024

Happy 2024! A new year always feels really exciting to me. I’m definitely a fresh start person, and the new year is just that for me. I actually am making some big changes in a big way around here… or should I say small changes that will really add up to goodness.

Can we chat? Because if we’re honest with ourselves, a lot of us are barely getting by and I’m just not about it.

If you follow me on IG, in stories this week I chatted about the huge shift I’m making in all areas of my life.

I’m just going to give you a bit of a brain dump, it’s not perfect, but that’s ok.

After 10 years of owning my own business, and all the hustle, stress, chronic chaos that comes with it, plus years of fertility treatments, pregnancy and motherhood… it’s been a lot. I took some space over the holidays to give myself permission to actually reflect and think about who I am now, what I want and what I’m feeling dissatisfied with. Some of the things I’ve been putting off for a very long time, because I’ve had my head down just keeping up and giving to clients, and other people. I’ve put my own self on the back burner (and I know so many of you reading this can relate!).

My business is a huge part of who I am – I’m the mom who went back to work 6 weeks after baby (which I know in many countries is the norm, but in Canada, it’s 12-18 months if you choose). I’ve been fully booked in my business with clients for 10 years. I believe the universe gives you what you need, and with a few client contracts ending, I have the gift of time and space to restructure my business to focus on what I love to do and what brings value to those I work with. Marketing has changed so much in the last 10 years, and so have I. I’m lucky to be able to recalibrate and re-think how I do things. But, business is just one part of it – change starts with ourselves and my body has been sending me huge signals that it’s TIME to make some big changes.

My bestie (who is so wise and always supportive of anything I do!) sent me this text today and it REALLY says it for ALL of us:

Starting now, I’m trying new things, testing out new routines, and coming back to pouring into my own cup in order to take on this next phase of life in my prime. I struggle with controlling my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and there is nothing worse than being in chronic pain all day. While my meds do help, Inflammation is something I’m tackling in many ways including reducing cortisol, getting better sleep, eating well and managing stress. I know we all know what we need to do but this modern world is always pulling me away from my best intentions and I feel like I’ve been moving through things in an unconscious way.

I’m going to take you along on this imperfect journey which will be humbling and I’m not going to get it all right… but I’m up for being vulnerable and “in it” with you.

There’s more, including the five things Erin is doing to fill her cup and set up a foundation for success for a work and life reset in 2024! Keep reading this week’s edition of The Mom Flow by Erin Sousa; subscribe for free to receive new posts and support her work, here!


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