5 Ways To Achieve A Modern Bridal Shower

January 11, 2024

Bridal Showers have always been traditional in-nature; ladies’ brunch, roses, mimosas, pastels, you know the drill. But if you’re planning a bridal shower for a loved one or looking to shake up your own – Entertaining and Events Expert Gregory Fast has some ideas for how you can really bring a modern twist to an age-old tradition. 

Rethink the traditional Sunday shower: Let’s be honest, Sundays are our chance to reset and prepare for the week ahead, dedicating your day to a bridal shower can really hinder your much needed R&R. For brides that are ready for a new era of celebration, consider this your sign to say goodbye to the formal seated luncheon loaded with speeches and overdone party games. Instead, opt for Friday or Saturday evening social event or cocktail party. In addition to all of the extra fun both you and your guests will have, you can be sure no one will be cutting out early to pack lunches and get to that extra load of laundry. There is no better way to set the tone for a great party than an invitation that will ignite anticipation and leave guests eager for the celebration. Go bold, make it personal, and carry these design details through your event for a strong and cohesive experience.

Customized cocktails are cool but let’s level it up with custom canapes: The best events are ones that have small, thoughtful touches in unexpected moments – and this extends to food and beverage too. A well-loved example of this is the now standard signature cocktail—and while we still hold a lot of heart for this, we’re always looking for ways to ignite new guest experiences. If you really want to impress guests and infuse the couple’s personality, curate a canape menu that reflects their favourite dishes. If the bride’s go-to comfort food is spaghetti and meatballs, turn it into a sophisticated canape that everyone can enjoy a bite of (or two).

Don’t be afraid to go bold with décor: Bridal shower decor tends to fall into the pastels, overtly lacey aesthetic, or an extension of the colour palette for the upcoming wedding, but we’re here to shake that up! Use your bridal shower as an opportunity to create something different and fresh—make it its own event, and don’t be afraid to go bold. This can be done with colors, venue or even the types of activities you may include for the shower. For decor, experiment with unique arrangements and design elements, think table objects, like these salt lamps in lieu or together with florals. By combining an out-of-the-box colour palette, bold decor choices and interesting design elements, we’ve created a truly unexpected bridal shower experience.

Skip games and take homes in favor of experiences and activations: Leave the old school games and fill-in-the-blank questionnaires behind. Instead, create an experience guests are going to get excited about. A flower market or perfume bar are fresh activities that break the cycle of often done-to-death bridal shower games. Activities can be more expensive, to shoulder this cost, move your budget for guest favors to an experience like this. Guests will enjoy an interactive activity on the day, and go home with a unique memento from your event—it’s a win-win.

All are welcome! Gone are the days that bridal showers are for the ladies. Feel confident expanding your guest list to include all of the important people in your life. These days many people have mixed friend groups and family members—inviting them and creating an event in which all are welcome is paramount.


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