10 Ways To “Hide” Your Cat’s Litter Box

January 10, 2024

Hiding a litter box is a common challenge for cat owners who want to maintain a tidy and aesthetically pleasing living space. Here are some clever ways to conceal a litter box:

  1. Furniture Litter Box Cabinet:
    • Purchase or repurpose a cabinet with a door or drawer.
    • Cut a hole in the side for your cat to enter and exit.
    • Place the litter box inside the cabinet and close the door when not in use.
  2. Litter Box Bench:
    • Use a storage bench with a hinged or removable top.
    • Cut a hole in one end for your cat’s access.
    • Place the litter box inside and cover it with the bench lid.
  3. Plant or Planter Box:
    • Choose a large, decorative planter or plant stand.
    • Place the litter box inside, and cut an opening for your cat.
    • Add faux or real plants to help disguise the purpose of the box.
  4. Under-Bench Solution:
    • If you have a built-in bench or shelving, use the space underneath.
    • Install a small cat door or leave a gap for your cat’s entry.
    • Use decorative curtains or doors to hide the space further.
  5. Closet Litter Box:
    • Convert a closet into a cat haven with a hidden litter box.
    • Install a cat door in the closet door.
    • Keep the closet organized with shelves or storage for other cat supplies.
  6. DIY Cat Box Cabinet:
    • Build a custom cabinet with a cat door or entrance.
    • Paint or decorate the cabinet to match your home decor.
    • Add shelves inside for storage of cat-related items.
  7. Cat Furniture Integration:
    • Invest in cat furniture that incorporates a concealed litter box.
    • Look for cat towers or condos with built-in compartments for the litter box.
  8. Camouflage with Furniture:
    • Place the litter box behind or under existing furniture.
    • Use furniture pieces like bookshelves or room dividers to create a private nook.
  9. Hidden Shelf:
    • Install a floating shelf with an opening for your cat.
    • Place the litter box on the shelf, and add decorative items to conceal it.
  10. Custom Cat House:
    • Build or purchase a custom cat house with a hidden litter compartment.
    • Decorate the exterior to blend with your home’s style.

Remember to choose a hiding solution that allows easy access for cleaning and ensures your cat is comfortable using the litter box. Additionally, proper ventilation is important to maintain a healthy environment. —Vita Daily


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