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5 First Steps To Forever For Newly Engaged Couples (Win!)

January 14, 2024

With the twinkle of a diamond and the promise of forever, being engaged is a magical time that sets the stage for a beautiful journey ahead. As 40 per cent of engagements unfold in the enchanting months of December and January, it’s the perfect moment to embark on the exciting adventure of wedding planning. Here are the first five steps to kickstart your journey into matrimonial bliss from wedding expert and owner of Fleur de Lis Events, Nargess Tabrizy-Shokrani, who is also producing and hosting the coveted Luxe Wedding Soiree (formerly Luxe Bridal Brunch) on on January 27, 2024 at the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Star Sapphire Ballroom. This year’s Luxe Wedding Soirée, themed “Entertainment Edition,” will showcase an exquisite fashion show, world-class ballet performed by the Goh Ballet, soulful vocalists and enchanting harp melodies, and unique live entertainment including contortion, dance and acrobatics, all complemented by passed canapés, award-winning cocktails, themed live-action cooking stations. —Vita Daily

Celebrate the Moment: The first order of business after saying ‘yes’ is to celebrate this significant milestone. Whether it’s an intimate family dinner, a cozy engagement party with close friends, or a grand soirée to mark the occasion, take the time to revel in the joy with your loved ones. Your new engagement status is a cause for celebration, and these moments will become cherished memories as you start this new chapter together.

Pick a Date: The next step is to start envisioning your special day by selecting a wedding date. Consider the month or even the season that resonates with both of you. This decision will not only set the tone for your wedding but will also help you in narrowing down potential venues and themes. Remember, the sooner you have a date in mind, the easier it becomes to move forward with other aspects of the planning process.

Discuss the Budget: Open communication about your budget is crucial in the early stages of wedding planning. Sit down with your family and your fiancé(e) to gain a clear understanding of your financial parameters. Knowing your budget from the start ensures that you make choices that align with your financial comfort zone. This step is essential in preventing unnecessary stress and ensures a smooth planning process as you move forward.

Arrange an Engagement Shoot: Capture the magic of your engagement with a beautiful photo shoot. It could be an impromptu session with a local photographer or a casual shoot at your favorite couple spot – be it an activity you both enjoy, a memorable dining spot, or a scenic beach or park. These engagement photos can later be used for your wedding website, save-the-dates, and will serve as cherished mementos of this special time in your lives.

Create a Vision Board: Begin shaping the vision of your dream wedding by creating a vision board. Gather ideas, colors, and themes that resonate with both of you. This process helps you define your couple style and sets the stage for planning a wedding that reflects your unique personalities. Whether it’s a shared love for rustic charm or a passion for elegant sophistication, your vision board becomes a guiding light throughout the planning process. For the ultimate wedding inspiration, attend the LUXE Wedding Soiree at Fairmont Pacific Rim on January 27, 2024.

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