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The Mom Flow: How Things Are REALLY Going (+ One Shocking Result)

January 14, 2024

The longest, darkest, coldest nights of the year are here and everyone is feeling that January slump… oh I GET you. I’ve actually been feeling energetically pretty good and that is thanks to my Life + Work Reset. I’m going to give you a little update about what’s been going well and not so well. And yes, this is allll part of The Mom Flow because how many of us have been moving through all areas of life almost sleepwalking? I’m really in my Mom Flow era if you will.

I will say it takes a LOT of focus to put new habits into place and consciously take care of yourself. Throughout my day, I’m always checking in with myself and seeing how I’m feeling, if I’m ticking those boxes I’ve wanted to tick for my day… but not in a stressful way because I’m NOT pressuring myself but simplifying everything I do. Spending less, acquiring less and really leaning into focusing on ME. Harder than it seems when the whole world is pushing us to be more, do more, have more but that is not going to bring us happiness. Having this life pass me by because I feel like I can never keep up is a no for me, thanks.

Catch up with the intro to my Life + Work Reset here.

Five things that have been going well:

Mouth taping while sleeping: I have been waking up so much more refreshed. It’s such an interesting concept and the basis for anything in life really is being well-rested so this has been a huge game changer.

More protein: I wanted to follow the 30-30-30 rule (again, read about this in my last post) but I can’t quite figure out my logistics to make this happen. Something I have done is add way more protein to my day, reducing my carbs, and always having protein before coffee each day to reduce cortisol. I’m not doing intermittent fasting anymore and I feel wayyyy better.

Movement: getting on the treadmill for 20 mins + weight training is feeling easier and defo giving me energy. I watch podcasts on YouTube during my movement which makes the time just breeze by. I like seeing a visual of how much movement I’m doing on my Apple Watch. I don’t get obsessed, but it’s just a visual I appreciate.

Taking my time and space: let me tell you how easy it could be to take on more, fill more space, say yes to everything… I’ve been so mindful of not letting things creep and and destroy my peace or take away my focus.

Refreshing my business brand and goals: I’ve had the opportunity to think about where I want my business to go, and have updated some of my branding, including my education brand, MILA that I run with my sister and we will be ramping that up again soon with big moves starting a YouTube. I’ve been exploring new avenues and so much amazing energy has been coming back my way in the form of unique opportunities. The universe really has a way.

I can’t believe it, but my inflammation has gone down significantly in only a week. How I can tell is my level of Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. I was waking up with so much more pain and stiffness and that has lessened. Feeling a difference in my body has been very encouraging.

As an aside: not a goal girly, but I do have some kind of big goals for 2024 and things that I want to work towards changing and building. I’ve felt on the crest of a huge shift for over a year now, and 2024 is bringing those things closer. These goals aren’t something I’m going to share here just yet but my reset is all part of allowing things to unfold and that makes me happy and hopeful. Remember: no one is coming to save you and we have agency over making the changes we need to in life.

There’s more, including a few things Erin is really loving this week! Keep reading this week’s edition of The Mom Flow by Erin Sousa; subscribe for free to receive new posts and support her work, here!


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