3 B.C. Wines With Limited-Edition Lunar New Year Releases

January 19, 2024

Step into the world of B.C. wines, where tradition meets creativity, and every bottle holds a special tale. These celebrated local vineyards are offering special edition releases, carefully made to capture the essence of the Year of the Dragon. —Ashley Harris

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery — Lunar New Year Legacy Collection Trio

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the Lunar New Year Legacy Collection Trio ($366) from Mission Hill Family Estate Winery. Housed in a stunning, collectible gift box, this trio is a toast to the Lunar New Year festivities, embodying longevity, elegance, and good fortune with its exclusive gold-gilded design. This three-bottle set includes the 2019 Oculus, the 2019 Quatrain and the 2019 Compendium. Collect this Limited Edition Year of the Dragon Gift Box and elevate your Lunar New Year celebration with Mission Hill’s award-winning wines.

Haywire — Lunar Red

Embrace the 2024 Lunar New Year with the joyful comeback of the Haywire Lunar Red ($24). This release continues a tradition that began in 2014, making Haywire the pioneer of Lunar wine labels in BC. A meticulously crafted blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon from premium vineyards, Haywire Lunar Red boasts a rich and sophisticated flavour profile. Indulge in juicy red berries, layered with hints of licorice, dark chocolate, and brambly fruits. A portion of the proceeds from this special edition will support the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation.

CheckMate Artisanal Winery — 2020 Silent Bishop Merlot

Elevate your celebrations with CheckMate’s 2020 Silent Bishop Merlot ($100), a tribute to the refined artistry of winemaking, mirroring the opulence embodied by the spirit of the dragon. On the palate, experience hints of blueberry and black fruits, with a hint of tobacco, mocha, and herbal influences. This wine has well-balanced acidity and bright tannins. Welcome the Year of the Dragon with this exceptional bottle, ushering in a year filled with good fortune, strength, and health.


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