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Dr. Kim Garbedian Fosters Inclusive Wellbeing

January 19, 2024

Welcome to Toronto’s newest state-of-the-art wellness destination, equipped with modern interiors, customised robes and slippers, calming ceiling installations and leading-edge technology. But this isn’t the city’s latest spa; beautifully designed with a supportive team, Pollin Fertility is Toronto’s newest fertility clinic. Co-founder and medical director Dr. Kim Garbedian is committed to ensuring anyone can access her team’s thoughtful facilities, having recently launched an IVF Grant Fund which helps offset the cost of treatment. Inspired by her imaginative approach to fertility care, we had the chance to interview Dr. Kim and discuss her commitment to provide each patient with compassionate care. —Julia Dumbrell  

Dr. Kim Garbedian, it’s such a pleasure to connect with you! Can you speak more about the clinic’s beautiful modern interiors; what was the inspiration behind them?

Understanding that the fertility journey is overwhelming, we’ve aimed to build a space that breathes comfort, privacy, and warmth. From modernised waiting rooms, to our cycle monitoring pathway, every space at Pollin is designed with the fertility journey in mind. Environment plays an important role in a patient’s mindset and well-being—it was important to us to ensure those who walked through our doors felt a sense of true care and comfort, rather than an experience that can feel bare, clinical and harsh.

How do you imagine the experience will feel for women visiting Pollin Fertility?

We want to ensure that every person feels welcome, providing a supportive environment from the moment our patients begin exploring their fertility journey. To achieve this, we’ve prioritised a patient-centric approach, offering personalised care, and customised diagnosis and treatment plans. Through the continuous support of our care team and user-friendly apps bringing updates to their fingertips, we also set out to reduce the enduring challenge of lengthy waiting times.

Through the experience it offers, what are some of the barriers Pollin Fertility is setting out to lift?

Our revolutionary belief is that, just like other industries using technological innovations, fertility treatments should be no different. Our approach integrates a warm and welcoming environment with cutting-edge, in-house technology poised to deliver the best success rates in the industry. We aim to educate and remove any stigma around fertility, encouraging individuals and couples considering a range of options to seek guidance early. At the end of the last year, we launched the Pollin x Modern Miracle IVF Grant Fund, a first-of-its-kind grant in Ontario to help offset the cost of fertility treatment, totalling to more than $225,000 in patient grants. In addition to the IVF Grant Fund, Pollin addresses affordability by assisting patients in navigating insurance options, providing transparent pricing structures and offering financing plans.

What is your hope for the future of fertility care in Canada?

I envision a landscape where individuals feel empowered to proactively seek fertility guidance and education, removing the stigma associated with infertility. Encouraging open conversations to reduce misinformation and promote understanding, I hope to witness a cultural shift that recognizes infertility as a medical condition, with Pollin taking a step towards greater awareness, accessibility, and inclusivity in fertility.


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