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The Mom Flow: Fulfilling Friendships + Our Household Indulgence

February 18, 2024

Another Friday, another Mom Flow Friday Five. Have you been enjoying The Mom Flow? I would love to hear from you. You can reply to this email or comment. I appreciate you, flow-ers!

Finding Friendships that Feel Good

Something I’ve defo discussed here before is friendships. Over the years, I’ve had lots of friendships that have been a little toxic (some a LOT toxic), some that haven’t lasted, and some that have been immensely fulfilling. I had lunch with two friends this week and let me tell you, the connection you feel when you’re really jiving with friends is just immeasurable. We are hardwired for connection, for talking things out, so often we forget to do this, to meet IRL and talk it OUT. Saying things you’re a little embarrassed to say and getting that knowing “I GET IT” response from someone who means it. I swear it’s like the therapy money can’t buy. Gosh, I really feel like we don’t prioritize this enough and something I’ve been doing during my reset is pouring more into my friendships – now that I’m in my 40’s and have such limited time, weeding out those relationships that simply are mediocre, has been huge for me. I lean into friendships that I can really be myself in. Letting go of the ones that don’t serve me and literally not looking back is the ultimate self-care. Who we surround ourselves with makes the biggest difference to my mental health. I’m quietly working away on a few projects that lift up this concept, so stay tuned!

Post-Daycare Mom Guilt Doesn’t Live Here

Lola goes to daycare three days a week, and I’m the drop off and pick up parent. Those three days that she goes, dad doesn’t get home until 7pm, so it’s her and I until then. By the time I pick her up, that cup of hers has been filled. She’s had tons of play, social time (it’s a home care, so she’s just with two other kids), stimulation, and you know what I don’t feel guilty about? Just chilling with her when she gets home. Cartoons, maybe some chores or getting her helping me in the kitchen. Sometimes, I just zone out and work! There is so much pressure on parents to be with and entertain their kids 24/7, but this mom says no to the guilt of not.

Experimenting with a New Outfit

I love a good wardrobe update! I go in and out of clothing ruts, and decided to try a new lewk – feeling so cute and preppy in an oversized white button down (wardrobe staple!), leggings (yes, they are pants!) and a cropped sweater (FYI: the ONLY way I’m wearing a cropped sweater is with something that covers my tum and bum like wtf). Teamed up with a headband, I’m obsessed. I wore it with lug loafers. Call me cliche, but when I look good; I feel so much more on. Oh, and I bought the bag as a 40th bday gift to myself – it’s the LV NéoNoé and she cute.

Our Weekly Household Indulgence

For the last six months, we’ve had a housecleaner come in once a week and can I just say it’s my fave household indulgence? We’ve had a house cleaner for years, but it was always once every two weeks, and even that was just such a huge weight off of my shoulders, but once a week? OMG. We alternate between a 2 hour and 3 hour visit, and she will do big jobs like the oven, the blinds, or use the carpet cleaner to clean our upholstered bed. I know it’s not in the budget for all, but if you can, no shame in having help in the form of keeping your home in check.

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