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Bloomier’s Fresh Floral Collab With Loewe

March 8, 2024

Brace yourself for an extraordinary fusion of timeless elegance and sustainability as Bloomier floristry joins forces with the prestigious fashion house, Loewe. This collaboration isn’t just about style; it’s a thrilling adventure rooted in our shared commitment to environmental responsibility. We chatted with Bloomier founder and creative director Kamila Alikhani to learn more. —Noa Nichol

How did this partnership come about, what does it entail, and what makes it a good fit for you?

The partnership between Bloomiér and LOEWE Perfumes blossomed from a shared commitment for craftsmanship and a passion for sustainability. At its heart, it’s a kaleidoscope of preserved flowers, colour, scent and emotion, inspired by nature. Combining LOEWE’s signature artisanal ethos with inspirations from nature, LOEWE Perfumes perfumers create vibrant and innovative scents infused with human emotion. At Bloomiér we took our passion for quality local flowers and design and added a haute couture twist by designing pressed flowers on LOEWE fragrances for their clients at Holt Renfrew, Vancouver, B.C. Sustainability is at the core of the partnership. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing intentional practices, we’re all about doing our best for the environment.

What makes this partnership a good fit?

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us—it’s a way of life. By teaming up, we’re not just making beautiful things; we’re making a statement. And that statement is: the importance of protection of the environment and leading the change.

Tell us, in more detail, about the florals you created for your collab with Loewe. What makes them distinct/unique, and reflective of both brands?

LOEWE Perfumes are famous for their signature, monochromatic packaging with iconic imagery. Our goal was to be intentional with aesthetics of the flowers and to exercise a meticulous eye for detail when designing pressed flowers on the labels of LOEWE perfumes. We’ve sourced and patiently pressed an array of blooms: from wildflowers to some very unique stems to bring LOEWE’s concept to life. Ensuring that each petal whispers tales of opulence and refinement. It takes on average 4-5 weeks for the flowers to be fully dried and pressed to preserve its beauty and vibrant colours. During the 2 day event at Holt Renfrew we offered LOEWE’s clients to choose their favourite flowers to personalize their fragrances. Every aspect of our creation process, from ethically sourcing our blooms to implementing techniques that minimize waste. That means you can indulge in the magnificence of our arrangements, knowing that you’re supporting a greener, more sustainable future. We approached our designs with respect to exquisite botanical ingredients in LOEWE’s scents, art and nature, resulting in an authentically like-minded work.So what makes our florals distinct and reflective of both brands? It’s simple: they embody the essence of Bloomiér’s dedication to craftsmanship and LOEWE’s timeless elegance, all while championing the cause of sustainability. They’re a celebration of beauty, innovation, and conscious living—a true testament to the power of collaboration.

Where and when can people see/experience the floral creations? What can they expect to experience?

The latest event of Bloomier’s floral design for LOEWE Perfumes was a highlight of the first weekend in March. You can visit the LOEWE pop up store at Holt Renfrew till the end of March to view samples of our design and purchase the LOEWE new perfume collection. You can expect to encounter our blooms in all their glory at other exclusive pop-up events, luxury boutiques, and prestigious exhibitions. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on our social media and website to stay up-to-date on where you can catch a glimpse of what else we have lined up. Experiencing our florals isn’t just about admiring their beauty—it’s about stepping into a realm where art, sustainability, and craftsmanship collide. Whether you’re a flower aficionado, a fashion enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, our creations are sure to captivate your senses and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of collaboration.

What are your top tips/advice for people when it comes to choosing sustainable floral arrangements or even creating their own sustainable floral pieces at home?

Here are our top tips and advice for choosing sustainable floral arrangements or creating your own sustainable floral pieces at home.

  • Choose to support local and buy seasonally! One of the best sustainable swaps is to source flowers that are local and seasonal. Buying locally means that these flowers were not flown around the world by plane, thus reducing carbon footprint. Using less packaging and less use of chemicals on the flowers. Seasonal blooms open our minds to the abundance that nature has to offer, also tend to be more affordable and readily available.
  • Reuse and Compost! Once you have enjoyed the life of your flowers, take the time to thoroughly wash your vessel and design mechanics, and compost all flowers and greens. This intention will keep your vessels in top shape to be used into the future and will supply nutrients back to the Earth through your choice to compost.
  • Find local flowers near you.Farmers, florists, or a trip to the market – seeking out someone who prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Ask about their sourcing practices, recycling initiatives, and efforts to minimize waste.
  • Vessels are everywhere! When choosing the vessel for your flowers, the best place to start is with what you already have. Flowers can be designed in a vase, cup, bowl, or any other vessel you have that is water resistant. If you don’t have a vessel you love, the local second-hand store will have many options too.
  • Waste-free design. To add structure to your design to hold the flowers in place, you can use chicken wire or a floral frog. Avoid floral foam at all costs! It is a structure made of single-use plastics that is common in the floral world, it is highly toxic and harmful to both humans and the Earth.

By following these tips, you can enjoy beautiful arrangements while minimizing your environmental impact and supporting sustainable practices.

What’s next for you and Bloomier?

The journey ahead for Bloomiér is filled with excitement, innovation, and a continued commitment to sustainability. We believe in the power of education and advocacy to drive positive change. We’ll continue to engage with our community through workshops, events, and empowering others to embrace sustainability in their own lives and businesses. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and we’ll continue to seek out like-minded partners who share our values and vision. Whether it’s with other brands, artists, or organizations, expect to see more exciting collaborations that push the boundaries of creativity and sustainability. While our roots may be local, our aspirations are global. We’re committed to expanding our reach to people around the world. Whether you’re in New York, Lisbon, or Paris, we want everyone to experience the beauty and impact of Bloomiér. Environmental sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We’re always striving to improve and evolve, whether it’s by reducing our carbon footprint, improving our supply chain, or finding new ways to minimize waste. We’ll never stop innovating and pushing ourselves to do better. In essence, the future is bright and blooming for Bloomiér. We’re excited to continue leading the way in sustainable floral design and inspiring others to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a greener, more beautiful world for generations to come.


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