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Inside Scoop: These Luxury Tenants Are Coming Soon To Oakridge Park

March 8, 2024

Vancouver’s Oakridge Park, set for completion in 2025, is shaping up to be the city’s most exciting new shopping destination. We chatted with Chrystal Burns, Executive Vice President, Canadian Retail at QuadReal Property Group, to get the inside scoop! —Noa Nichol

Many Vancouverites have been watching and waiting with bated breath: when is the redevelopment of the former Oakridge Centre into the new Oakridge Park set to complete?

Oakridge Park is scheduled to open in Spring 2025. We are thrilled to unveil our vision to the world after years of hard work and dedication. The transformation of Oakridge Centre into Oakridge Park will elevate the place that Vancouver has known and loved for many decades, creating a cultural hub that will be a unique destination not only for the local community but also for visitors from all over the world. Expect an extraordinary experience featuring engaging retail with world-class brands, a diverse culinary scene, a robust indoor and outdoor programming calendar, and much more.

When Oakridge Park does open, what will (literally) be in store for Vancouver shopping enthusiasts?

Upon its opening in Spring 2025, Oakridge Park will offer an expansive retail space showcasing over 100 leading global brands spanning apparel, beauty, jewelry, watches, home décor, lifestyle, and wellness categories, along with exceptional culinary experiences.

Beyond its array of top-tier retailers, Oakridge Park will serve as more than just a shopping destination. It will establish itself as Vancouver’s cultural hub, providing visitors with a diverse range of dynamic indoor and outdoor programming, a community center, a library, and a sprawling nine-acre park at the heart of the city.

Why do you think prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Brunello Cucinelli, Moncler, Versace and Max Mara have chosen Oakridge Park as their future home?

There are numerous compelling reasons behind the decision of these esteemed brands to make Oakridge Park their home.

First and foremost, Oakridge Park’s prime location in the heart of Vancouver, offering direct access to key transportation corridors, has made it a favored destination for both locals and visitors. The development is designed to provide effortless access to essential amenities while creating an environment that reshapes the way people live, work, and play with experiential, cultural, and entertainment offerings.

The discerning demographic of residents at Oakridge Park, characterized by well-travelled individuals with a sophisticated taste and a deep appreciation for culture, has established a natural kinship with the prestigious brands. This shared ethos and lifestyle alignment contribute to making Oakridge Park an alluring destination for both residents and retailers.

Furthermore, Oakridge Park’s commitment to sustainability and the pursuit of net-zero objectives has been a significant draw for renowned brands. The project’s focus on energy interdependence, featuring innovative solutions such as a low-carbon District Energy System and various sustainability initiatives, reflects a strong alignment with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. These efforts are projected to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by an estimated 72%, showcasing a dedication to a greener future and attracting retailers who value sustainability and responsible business practices. This reduction is equivalent to planting 160,000 trees annually or taking 1,300 gas-powered cars off the road.

No shopping trip is complete without the food! What culinary offerings will be available at Oakridge Park and what makes them unique (particularly interested in how the new culinary concept will reflect the high-end shopping experience)?

Vancouver’s reputation as a culinary hotspot is well-known, and Oakridge Park is set to elevate this reputation even further. One of the standout features will be the introduction of Time Out Market to the city. For those unfamiliar with Time Out Market, this innovative food hall will bring together a carefully curated selection of the finest culinary and cultural offerings from the city all under one roof. Visitors can indulge in dishes crafted by up-and-coming local chefs and renowned restaurateurs, savor cocktails prepared by award-winning mixologists, and immerse themselves in art, music, and entertainment from emerging talents. Spanning across 54,000 square feet (43,000 indoor and 11,000 outdoor), the space will house 17 live cooking kitchens, three bars, a coffee shop, a stage for performances, art and cultural areas, an open-air patio, a signature cocktail lounge and an event space. With seating for approximately 1,000 guests, including the event space, diners will have a plethora of indoor and outdoor dining options to choose from.

In addition to the Time Out Market, Oakridge Park will unveil a range of dining options later this year, promising even more culinary delights to complement the overall shopping experience. Stay tuned for these exciting announcements as we continue to enhance the dining landscape at Oakridge Park.

Vancouver’s retail industry has had to endure some difficult times in the past few years; how does Oakridge Park aim to breathe new life into the city’s shopping and social scene, and create jobs and other opportunities for locals?

Throughout the development process, Oakridge Park has generated approximately 30,000 full-time jobs. Upon full operation, the new town center is projected to create around 5,300 additional jobs. We believe that Oakridge Park will play a significant role in shaping a dynamic and thriving future for Vancouver, contributing positively to the local economy and community.

In addition to job creation, Oakridge Park will provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talents within the numerous indoor and outdoor performance spaces. This initiative will offer valuable opportunities for artists to exhibit their work and contribute to the vibrant cultural scene of Vancouver.

Tough question, but which retailer are you most excited to shop when it opens at Oakridge Park in the near future?!

Honestly, I’m excited about each and every retailer that we have signed with Oakridge Park, because each one of them is committed to bringing something new and cool in terms of their store design and curation of the product selected for our community. I have  a weakness for beautiful bags and shoes, so Christian Louboutin is high on my list, along with Miu Miu. The refined elegance of Cucinelli’s menswear is gorgeous (if only my husband would allow me to dress him!) and of course, I’m very excited about Time Out Market’s culinary offerings. Let me not forget to mention that when it comes to décor and lifestyle, Crate & Barrel is outstanding…. They are the only store that has remained open throughout the construction period to service their devout customers who appreciate Crate & Barrel’s high quality and timeless design.


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