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Vancouver’s 5 Top Women In Fitness

March 9, 2024

Vancouver is a city that loves workouts, expensive leggings, and wellness. However when you look behind the trends and fanfare, Vancouver is blessed with a powerful and inspiring community of women who are the powerhouses behind what makes YVR fitness so popular. Here are five women that are integral to the success, vision, and consistency of Vancouver’s bustling fitness community. —Maddie Clerides  

Mira Lutsky-Buchan – Founder, Core Community

Mira Lutsky is founder and master teacher trainer at Core Community, a modern, supportive, and inclusive Pilates studio in Vancouver. Mira received her certified teacher training through the highly-acclaimed, California-based Balanced Body Education. Mira returned home and became the Senior Pilates Instructor for the launch team at Vancouver’s first Equinox. It was here that Mira noticed a gap in the Pilates market for boutique studios, so she launched Core Community in 2020. The bespoke and luxurious space in the heart of Kitsilano has garnered a large following, from young athletes to seniors who understand the value of moving their body and intentional movement. We are pleased to share that Core Community will be opening their second location this Spring on Main St. – you heard it here first!

Phaedra Wright – Founder, VIP Fitness & Lifestyle

A dedicated entrepreneur and member of the fitness industry for over 15 years, Phaedra Wright is the founder of VIP Fitness & Lifestyle on West Broadway. She began her journey as a competitive and professional dancer, and then a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. 

Phaedra started her first personal training company in 2011 and rebranded to VIP Fitness & Lifestyle in 2015. She opened her first storefront location in 2018, where she leads an amazing team of trainers and practitioners in a stunning two-level space. The space offers personal training, open-gym, nutrition coaching, and more. VIP also offers programs for fitness competition and total physical transformations. Phaedra has built an impressive brix and mortar business that customizes the VIP experience to every single client.

Daniela Dib – Founder, DibFit

Undoubtedly the performer of Vancouver’s fitness scene, Daniela Dib is the founder of DibFit Cycle and life of the fitness party. Beginning her career in New York as a professional dancer with yoga and Pilates training, Daniela transitioned into indoor cycling where she became a well-known instructor at Soul Cycle in NYC and LA. She then moved home to Vancouver with the iconic studio to open their Yaletown location. After 7 years with the company, Daniela started her own fitness brand, DibFit, which began with online classes during the pandemic. This naturally evolved into a cycling studio in downtown Vancouver. DibFit is a high-energy fitness experience that brings the fun every class, incorporating themed rides and “Sexy Saturday” where there may be a costume or two. The studio is even known to bring dancers or Drag Queens into class to add an extra level flare, the DibFit way.

Ariel Swan – Co-Founder, Jaybird Studio

Ariel Swan is the co-founder of Jaybird Studio, a dynamic space where movement and mindfulness converge seamlessly. With three thriving locations (one in Vancouver and two in Toronto), Jaybird has become a staple in Canada’s fittest cities. Ariel is not only a seasoned Pilates and yoga instructor, but also a former professional dancer, which translates into the philosophy behind Jaybird. She has also traveled around the world leading movement and meditation retreats. Ariel’s two decades of experience and unique vision combined to create an inclusive space that incorporates Pilates, yoga, strength, and more in a dark and meditative space. Whether you are looking for peaceful stretching or a full-body workout, Jaybird has you covered.

Molly Furlong – Lead Instructor, RIDE Cycle Club

Molly Furlong is a staple in Vancouver’s fitness circuit, and one of the leading ladies of RIDE Cycle Club and Co-Founder of My Remedy. Her classes are consistently full, and after experiencing one yourself, you understand why. Molly champions inclusion, positivity, and confidence when teaching her classes, and which radiates into the room. Before fitness, Molly was a seasoned professional dancer which transitioned her into the workout world. Even when you are desperately out of breath and sweating, it’s impossible not to smile when taking one of Molly’s classes.  


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