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6 Ways To Make Bedtime Easier For Kids & Parents

March 12, 2024

Bedtime: it’s the time of day that parents dread the most but also look forward to. It can be challenging night upon night to battle a child who doesn’t want to settle down and go to sleep. The key is: it’s all about routine. A regular schedule leading up to bedtime will help kids unwind, relax, and get ready for sleep. In fact, it can be beneficial for adults to have a bedtime routine as well. Here are six ways to conquer bedtime with little ones and reign victorious. —Jennifer Cox

Get Out Those Yah Yahs

We all know that kids have energy and a lot of it, which is why it’s so important to deplete that energy before settling down. Go for a nice walk or bike ride, play at the park, have a dance party, wander the halls of the mall, or do anything else that will help your kiddos blow off some steam. It will prepare them for rest.

Eliminate Screens

This goes for everyone and not just the kids—electronic devices emit blue light that can cause your brain to cut down on melatonin production; it can also alter circadian rhythms, leading to disrupted sleep. It may seem like quiet time when your kiddo is absorbed into YouTube videos but it won’t help them sleep later. And while we may want to catch up on social media and TV shows, doing so will impact our own sleep cycles. Try and find alternatives to screentime for everyone’s sake.

Have a Healthy Snack

You don’t want your kiddos going to bed hungry (and calling out, “Mommy, Daddy, I’m huuuungry!”), but be warned: sugary snacks before bedtime are a recipe for disaster. So, choose a filling, nutritional snack that will fill their little bellies and won’t give them a rush. A few options include cereal and milk, a banana, or cheese and crackers.


Having a bath can be a great way to not only relax but get out any leftover energy. Make it something that is fun with bubbles and a few toys (as my son got older, I would turn bathtime into a science lab with different soaps, coloured water, etc. You can also put glowsticks and balloons in the bath). Use this time to instill good personal hygiene too by challenging them to wash their bodies and hair solo.


Reading is so beneficial to little ones, from the time they are babies right up until they’re teens, and it’s great to start this heathy habit now. Reading will help them be creative and learn about letters and word recognition. It’s also a wonderful time to get cozy with your child and enjoy a fun book. (A few personal favourites: Elephant and Piggy, the Pigeon storybook series, and anything by Robert Munsch or Shel Silverstein).


Curling up together for a few minutes is the perfect way to wrap up the bedtime routine. You can talk to your child about their day or ask them what they’ll dream about, say prayers, or just snuggle. This cozy time is also a great way to ward off requests for extra hugs or sleeping in mommy or daddy’s bed, which is never conducive to quality sleep. G’nite!


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