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4 Tween-Safe Skincare Products That Won’t Break the Bank

March 14, 2024

Many moms and dads are finding themselves inevitably drawn into the whirlwind of beauty fads embraced by their soon-to-be teens, all swayed by the allure of the newest trends. So, what is a parent to do? We’ve got you covered and have found some ‘tween-friendly’ products that are great starter steps to their early skincare needs. ­—Mia Germanski

When it comes to their early years, the Byoma Milky Oil Cleanser ($19) glides over the skin and rinses effortlessly to sooth and hydrate your tween’s skin while leaving a balanced post-cleanse face.

Teaching our newly founded skincare lovers will go a long way when it comes to protecting themselves against the everyday effects of the sun with products such as the SPF 30 Oil Free Face Lotion by Life Brand ($8).

Looking for a little colour? The E.LF. Cosmetics Squeeze Me Lip Balm ($5.50) will do just the trick while nourishing the lips with hyaluronic acid and goji berry ingredients.

It’s ever so important to just sooth the skin. Garnier’s Skinactive Rosewater Facial Mist ($15) will help preserve the moisture of your child’s skin and, guess what, you can also ‘share and care’ by adding on a generous amount of spritzes to refresh your own face. 


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