4 Retailers With In-Store Recycling Programs

March 28, 2024

In the global effort to combat waste and foster sustainability, retailers are stepping up with innovative solutions to tackle the issue of product packaging waste. Empties return programs have emerged as a promising avenue, encouraging consumers to recycle their used containers and products responsibly. Here are some leading retailers championing this cause. —Ashley Harris

Winners + Pact Beauty Empties Collection Program

How It Works:

In collaboration with Pact, Winners has launched the Empties Collection Program across Canada. Customers can drop off empty and clean beauty items at designated collection bins in Winners stores. These items are then sorted and processed by Pact, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding end-of-use solutions for beauty packaging waste. The program accepts a variety of items, including plastic bottles and jars, squeezable tubes, ceramic containers, coloured glass bottles, and more.

LUSH Bring It Back Program

How It Works:

LUSH encourages customers to return their empty black pots to their stores. In return, customers receive a discount on their next purchase or a free fresh face mask (just return 5 full-sized qualifying items and choose your mask). This closed-loop recycling program promotes the reuse of packaging materials.

Best Buy Electronic Recycling Program

How It Works:

Best Buy’s Electronic Recycling program allows customers to responsibly dispose of old tech items such as cords, batteries, and electronics. This initiative aims to reduce toxic pollution and e-waste in landfills by providing a convenient recycling solution.

Sephora + Pact Beauty (Re)Purposed Program

How It Works:

Sephora has partnered with Pact Collective to launch the Beauty (Re)Purposed program. Customers can drop off their beauty empties at any Sephora store, regardless of where the products were purchased. These items are collected in dedicated bins and later processed by Pact. The program accepts various beauty packaging materials, including plastic tubes, bottles, jars, caps, lipsticks, mascara tubes, and more. Empties collected through these programs undergo various recycling processes, including mechanical recycling, downcycling, molecular recycling, and energy conversion. This ensures that the materials are repurposed or disposed of responsibly, contributing to a more sustainable future.


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