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The Best Nightlife In Canada’s Biggest Cities

March 28, 2024

From coast to coast, Canada’s biggest cities know the recipe for a fun night out. Online Gaming Company took a closer look at what these locales are known for, considering popular venues like the number of bars, clubs, late-night restaurants, live music venues, and casinos. Read the standouts from this list below, plus our top spots to experience the nightlife in each city.

It’s no surprise that Toronto tops the list of the best nightlife cities in Canada, featuring the largest number of bars, late-night restaurants, and live music venues. A standout for us is the city’s diverse music venues, with special spots to see a live show from Drake’s HISTORY to the historical Horseshoe Tavern, classic Danforth Music Hall or always-fun Rebel. With 26 casinos, the ‘six’ has the largest gambling scene as well.

With about as many bars as Toronto and a far-more affordably priced cocktail, going out in Montréal makes for a memorable soirée. See how the French Canadian pour their cocktails, visiting standout speakeasies like Atwater Cocktail Club or Chinatown’s Bar Le Mal Nécessaire.

No one parties like the prairies. Winnipeg ranks on the list for offering the most affordable single cocktail price among the listed cities, at only $10. With winning teams like the Winnipeg Jets and Goldeyes Baseball team, there’s a lot to cheer for in this city.

Take a gamble on Alberta. Edmonton has the second-biggest gambling scene on the list, offering several all-inclusive nightlife experiences from gaming to dining and live entertainment. Calgary’s casinos like Grey Eagle and Cowboys have become gems, earning status for this stampeding city with the third-highest number of casinos. 

Repping the west coast, Vancouver proves to go out rain or shine with the second-highest number of late-night restaurants and live music venues in Canada. Those who can appreciate a Michelin-approved meal know how strong the culinary culture is across the city, with lively dining districts like Yaletown and Commercial Drive.

Victoria has also earned a mention on the list of best Canadian cities for its Vancouver Island-style nightlife. Famous for its large selection of bars and the quality of live music, the city is boosted by its spirited student population, who won’t shy away from a night out at popular college haunts Lucky Bar or The Sticky Wicket. —Julia Dumbrell


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