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The Ultimate Guide To Period Underwear

March 29, 2024

Say goodbye to the era of traditional pads and tampons as we bring in a new age of menstrual care with these groundbreaking period panties. Embrace the future of period protection with this curated selection of the latest innovations, bidding adieu to single-use products and embracing sustainability with every wear. —Ashley Harris


Hanes Comfort, Period. Panties ($15) launch in April at select retailers including Walmart and, Hanes introduces their Comfort, Period. Panties. These affordable undergarments offer comfort and convenience for menstruators and beyond. Suitable for those experiencing bladder leaks during pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, or spotting between periods, Hanes aims to make period protection accessible to everyone.


Floatley, renowned for its comfortable bras, enters the period underwear market with its version of the Period Panty ($25). Crafted with 4-way stretch fabric and featuring wide coverage in the back to minimize leaks, Floatley’s offering prioritizes comfort and protection. With moisture-wicking, anti-odour, and leakproof properties, these reusable undies boast the absorbency of three tampons. Available in sizes S-XL.


Knix pushes the boundaries of leakproof technology with its UltraThin Leakproof Underwear. Designed to be unbelievably thin yet protective, these panties offer discreet coverage without bulk. The Leakproof UltraThin No-Show Bikini ($25) features a liner that provides exceptional protection while remaining virtually undetectable under clothing. Knix’s commitment to innovation and comfort makes their period underwear a standout option for those seeking reliable leak protection.

Rosaseven Lingerie

Discover the Yvonne High-Rise Period Underwear ($47) from Rosaseven Lingerie, offering both style and functionality with its high-rise design and absorbent fabric, providing all-day comfort and leak protection. This specific pair of underwear is great for those heavy-flow days.

Revol Cares

Explore the Remi Period Underwear ($43) by Revol Cares, designed with comfort and sustainability in mind. With its moisture-wicking fabric and leak-proof layers, it offers reliable protection and peace of mind during menstruation.


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