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This is What It’s Like Going To Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS Gallery” Pop-Up In Toronto

March 29, 2024

Olivia Rodrigo’s guts are spilling all over Toronto this weekend, and VITA has an exclusive glimpse into what awaits Livies. Spoiler: If you’ve watched any music videos from her chart-topping album GUTS, you might get a sense of déjà vu!

Coinciding with her two sold out shows at the Scotiabank Arena on March 29 and 30, Olivia Rodrigo revealed a thrilling surprise for her fans: a ‘GUTS Gallery’ pop-up experience in Toronto, open to the public from Friday to Sunday, courtesy of American Express and Bravado Canada. As if trying to keep fans on their toes, this news followed shortly after her Instagram announcement of GUTS (spilled), her deluxe album featuring five unreleased tracks. 

Eager to know what’s inside the pop-up? Here’s the lowdown.

Let’s start with the undeniable, it’s impossible to miss. Stepping out of the streetcar from King Station, you’re greeted by a burst of purple and the distinctive branding of the artist splattered across the facade, reminiscent of exploding guts. At first glance, it may seem compact from the outside, but just hold on. 

As soon as you enter, you’ll find yourself engulfed in a vibrant display of promotional posters stretching nearly from floor to ceiling, each showcasing tracks from her album, infused with Olivia’s signature tongue-in-cheek charm. Additionally, there’s a chance to pose at a GUTS-themed photo kiosk and explore an exclusive Olivia Rodrigo merchandise booth. Here, you’ll discover limited-edition T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, along with playful accessories such as bumper stickers, dad hats, beanies, and more! Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary tote bag with your purchase, while supplies last!

You’ll recognize the second room the moment you walk in. Perhaps it’s the “bad idea right” lyric scrawled in red lipstick on the mirror (resembling the washroom scene from the music video) that gives it away. In one corner, a backdrop displays a projection of purple butterflies for a photo-op, a nod to her debut album, Sour. Adjacent to it stands a black toilet seat splattered with stars and purple goop, inviting fans to quite literally spill their guts, echoing her iconic world tour poster. And for added interaction, there’s even a toilet stall where guests can leave notes for her! 

The third room mirrors the stage setup from her tour, where she performs “logical” and “enough for you” on a floating moon above the audience. While the moon itself isn’t suspended, per se, the surrounding mirrored walls and metallic stars hanging from the ceiling might give it that illusion. Point is––you can sit on it and imagine yourself taking the stage. 

The last room you’ll explore features a GUTS-themed photo booth where you and your friends can show off your merch. Plus, there’s a stack of TVs playing Olivia’s videos for you to pose in front of, similar to the ones arranged in the “deja vu” music video. Finally, you can take a seat at a replicated vanity featured in the “pretty isn’t pretty” music video. 

If you’re someone who pays attention to things that most people ignore, you’ll uncover some clever Easter eggs throughout the gallery. These include Coca-Cola cans scattered across various rooms, referencing her lyrics in “all-american b*tch;” a door mimicking her change room in “pretty isn’t pretty;” and a stack of books from the iconic bookshelf in “get him back!” 

The pop-up is located at 1153 Queen St West, operating from 11am to 8pm on March 29 and 30, and from 12pm to 6pm on March 31. Plan to arrive early, as lineups are expected to form from 6am. Remember to use the hashtag #GUTSGALLERYTO in your posts. —Christina Armanious


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