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How To Style A Bubble Skirt For 2024

May 27, 2024

Another millennial favourite from the 2010s is making its way back into fashion. The bubble skirt, or balloon skirt made famous by the likes of fashion icons Blair Waldorf and Lauren Conrad can now be seen splashed across Instagram’s fashion explore page and hanging in the windows of your favourite shops like Aritzia, Mango, Zara, H&M and more.

As with any trend that finds its way back for a second, or third go, it can be difficult to style in a modern way. This time around we are steering away from the floppy felt hats, infinity scarves and “going out” tops the first iteration of fashion bloggers had us pairing the cloud-like garment with.

Here are five ways to style a bubble skirt for 2024 that reads more “IG Street Style” than “Wordpress Blogger with her first digital camera” (you’re welcome). —Sheila O’Neill

With an Oversized Crew Neck T-Shirt

Despite what What Not to Wear’s Stacy London and Clinton Kelly taught us you don’t actually have to pair a fitted shirt on top if you’re going for something with more volume on the bottom. In fact, breaking outdated fashion rules such as this can modernize old styles (like the balloon skirt), giving it a fresh new silhouette and look.

The Maxi Bubble Skirt

The maxi, or midi bubble skirt is a quintessentially 2024 take on an old idea. To get the effortless Parisian street style look, consider opting for a longer hemline, similar to styles seen by It Girl brand, The Row.


A bubble skirt is a statement piece. While the early fashion blogger styles of the 2010s came in vibrant colours and patterns—as was the look of the day, in 2024 we’re sticking to neutrals. A black, or white satin bubble skirt in a monochrome, or neutral outfit can speak for itself. No need to add loud patterns and colours to the mix.

With a Waistcoat

Repurpose the vests and waistcoats in your closet from the popular suiting trend for a unique look that draws from both masculine and feminine fashion.

With a Ribbed Racer Tank

The ribbed white and black tank tops have made their way into street style through popularisation from brands such as Loewe, with their Anagram Tank Top. In particular, the racer front tank top is a chic and sculpting fit that looks great paired with the volume of a balloon skirt.


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