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Here Are The Exact Skin Products Sam Smith Used For The Met Gala

May 28, 2024

Do you ever wonder how celebrities get that glass-like glow on the red carpet? The Met Gala has passed but the beauty secrets the stars use are still hot off the press. Read on to find out how Sam Smith did just that with Dermalogica … 

For an event as grandiose as the Met Gala, well-prepped skin ensures concerns like texture, dryness, and fine lines don’t become an issue on the red carpet. Every great makeup artist knows the secret to creating a smooth and glowy makeup look is dependent on how the skin is prepped. 

Celebrity makeup artist Sienree Du shared with us how she got Sam Smith camera-ready using top products from Dermalogica, while also offering tips on how you can integrate these products into your own makeup routine. Sienree highlights 4 products she used to nourish and hydrate Sam Smith’s skin. 

Below are the exact products used on the day of the Met Gala. —Vita Daily

  • Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator – $92 CAD
    • This magical rice-based powder full of AHAs helps to remove any debris, brightens, and polishes the skin for the perfect smooth canvas to work on. The formula is very gentle and has Colloidal Oatmeal and Allantoin to help calm the skin. 
    • Use this promptly after cleansing for best results.
  • Pro-Collagen Banking Serum – $125 CAD
    • This serum helps to visibly hydrate, plump and give the perfect bounce for a flawless makeup application. The formula helps to preserve your skin’s collagen while minimizing any fine lines or wrinkles. 
    • Use 2 pumps of the serum once the skin is cleaned and dried. 
  • Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream – $174 CAD
    • This lightweight moisturizer helps firm, smooth out and add some extra hydration to the skin. The oxygen-optimizing phytoactives helps the skin appear brighter and more radiant, meaning less makeup needs to be applied. 
    • Use this moisturizer once the serum has soaked in for a few minutes. 
  • Phyto Nature Lifting Eye Cream – $163 CAD
    • This eye cream gives a natural firmness and lift to the eyes. It measurably lifts the eyes after just one use and visibly firms the skin over time.
    • Finish off the skin prep with this eye cream to prep the eyes. 


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