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Melanie Auld Gives Us An Insider Look @ Her New Resort Collection

May 28, 2024

Melanie Auld’s colourful and symbolic new Resort Collection has dropped—as have our jaws. We chatted with the Vancouver-based jewelry designer to learn more about the range. —Noa Nichol

What was the inspiration behind the designs of the new Resort Collection, especially the motifs like the evil eye, hamsa, snake, and peace sign?

The inspiration behind our resort collection is really to offer our customer beautifully designed and vibrant, yet still meaningful, symbolic jewelry. I have had a major obsession with evil eyes forever, the symbolism of protection and good fortune has always spoken to me, it’s rich in culture, and also beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. 

How did you decide to incorporate such vibrant colors into the Resort Collection, and what tips do you have for customers on how to style these pieces with their existing wardrobe?

In the past our customer has really responded to colourful pieces for summer,  enamel is the perfect material choice as we could really fine tune the vibrancy and tones. Creating these pieces in solid 14k gold means you don’t have to take them off to swim, workout etc. You can truly live in them all summer long. The diamonds and white sapphires add another element of dimension and sparkle, really creating a special luxurious piece.

Which piece from the Resort Collection is your personal favorite and why? How do you envision it being styled for the summer season?

It’s really hard to choose a favorite but I think it’s a toss-up between the Cascading Evil Eye and the Sapphire Peace Pendant. I love them paired together, something about the peace pendant reminds me of childhood summers, but make it elevated.

You accidentally spilled the beans about the Resort Collection ahead of its launch. How did it feel to have that moment, and what was your reaction to your team’s playful video response on social media?

I spill the beans on a lot of collections via my personal Instagram account. I think it’s fun to get people’s input and sometimes I really am just so excited that I can’t not post. My team is pretty used to it by now so they thought it would be funny to put together a reel joking about their reactions. I loved it.

How has the response been from your customers so far since the launch? Are there any standout reactions or feedback that you’ve received about the collection?

We have definitely had some stand outs! The Chartreuse Evil Eye Necklace and Diamond Evil Eye Necklace were the first to sell out online (I believe we still have some stock in store). We will definitely be bringing them back and should have more stock in early July. I will continue to include symbolic and colourful pieces into collections. They feel more relevant in the spring/summer so that is when I tend to get a little more adventurous with vibrancy and design. I think for me design is a balance. The mix of unexpected with more classic pieces, I like to design both because they complement each other so beautifully. We have some really amazing sterling silver tennis necklaces and bracelets coming out that pair so beautifully with our resort collection. 


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