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Get Set (And Styled) For The Summer Of Self-Expression

May 28, 2024

Wondering what’s on trend for summer? Pinterest has just unveiled its highly anticipated Summer 2024 Trend Report, offering a glimpse into the hottest (no pun intended) trends across food, home decor, fashion and beauty. As we head into the warm weather, it will be your go-to source for discovering new ideas that reflect bold expressions and individuality. With more than 40 per cent of Pinterest users being Gen Z, it’s no surprise that we’re witnessing a surge in searches for fun things to cook (+1,060 per cent), 2000s makeup” (+580 per cent) and dopamine decor (+280 per cent),  indicating a desire for innovative flavours, unique fashion and beauty statements and colourful homes. We chatted with Sydney Stanback, global trends and insights lead at Pinterest, to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Can you tell us more about the methodology behind compiling the Pinterest Summer 2024 Trend Report? How do you identify and analyze the emerging trends?

With more than 500 million people around the world coming to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, we leverage our internal search data to gain early insights and identify emerging trends. For the Summer 2024 Trend Report, we compared data for April 2023 and April 2024, focusing on search terms that have been gaining traction over the past year.

With Gen Z making up over 40% of Pinterest users, how do you see their influence shaping trends in fashion, beauty, and home decor for Summer 2024?

Because Gen Z uses Pinterest to discover, create and shop for their personal future, we have unique insight into how Gen Z will be shaping fashion, beauty and home decor trends this Summer. There’s a clear trend emerging across fashion, beauty and home decor, and that common thread is self-expression.  People are actively seeking ways to express their identities and embrace boldness and these are two traits that reflect the values of Gen Z. Whether it’s in their fashion statements, beauty preferences or choices in home decor, Gen Z’s growing presence on Pinterest is leaving a distinctive mark on trends of today and tomorrow.

Maximalist fashion and “Make it Big” jewelry are prominent trends in this year’s report. What do you think is driving the popularity of these bold, expressive styles?

These trends are all about big and bold fashion statements, and you guessed it, Gen Z users are leading the charge in embracing them. With searches for “chunky gold jewellery” up by 700% and “rock and roll outfit” up by 1050%, it makes sense in true Gen Z fashion for them to break free from conventional norms and confidently show off their unique style. “Make it Big” jewlery is also a more modern take on statement jewlery, which was big in the early 2010s.

Y2K and 90s beauty trends like chunky highlights and doll eye makeup are making a comeback. Why do you think these nostalgic looks are resonating so strongly with users today?

Styles from the 2000s and 1990s are making a comeback because they represent a time of innovation and experimentation in the beauty industry. What makes it so resonating today is that people are able to take these nostalgic looks and reinvent them for the modern era, blending the best of both worlds.

Can you elaborate on the rise of “tomboy femme” fashion and the blending of traditionally masculine and feminine elements? What does this say about current fashion attitudes?

The rise of “tomboy femme” fashion mirrors a shift towards gender neutrality, inclusivity and self-expression in today’s fashion landscape. This trend challenges traditional gender norms that have historically divided fashion into binary categories. It signifies an appreciation for authenticity and diversity in clothing choices, appealing to individuals across all gender identities. This cultural shift is evident with searches like “baggy outfit ideas” increasing by 290%.

The concept of “dopamine decor” and specific styles like “Nancy Meyers core” are trending in home decor. How do these trends reflect broader societal shifts or desires in terms of interior design?

Similar to how people want to show off their uniqueness through fashion and makeup, they also want to express it in their homes. Searches for “dopamine decor” are up 280% on Pinterest, indicating a move away from bland, generic designs in favour of colourful, comfortable, and character-filled spaces. Inspired by Nancy Meyers’ films like Something’s Gotta Give and The Intern, there’s a growing appreciation for eclectic vintage decor that adds a warm and nostalgic charm.

Given the surge in interest for eclectic and whimsical decor, what advice would you give to someone looking to incorporate these styles into their home?

For those looking to infuse their home with eclectic and whimsical decor, my advice is simple: embrace personalization and joy. You can draw inspiration from Nancy Meyers’ timeless elegance, as seen in the surge of searches for her signature living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Or you can consider adding touches of “fairycore elements” (+420%) to infuse your space with charm. Ultimately, create an environment that brings you joy and reflects your style.

Looking ahead, do you see any emerging trends that might become prominent after Summer 2024? What should Pinterest users be on the lookout for in the coming seasons?

As the trend for “themed dinner party” experiences continues to gain traction, particularly with the summer season approaching, individuals are eagerly preparing for a fun time with friends and family. I can imagine this trend becoming bigger in the fall, as people seek meaningful ways to maintain connections and foster a sense of togetherness during the holiday season.

The report highlights a significant increase in searches for “fun things to cook.” What are some of the most innovative or unexpected food trends you’ve seen this year?

People are getting really creative with avocados these days. Searches for “ways to eat avocado” have jumped by 120%, and recipes like “avocado fries” and “avocado pie” are becoming popular. For those who love baking, people are experimenting with different takes on sourdough such as “chocolate sourdough,” which has increased by 270%. It’s an exciting time for food enthusiasts looking to spice up their summer menu with fresh, innovative ideas.

Food trends like avocado-based dishes and sourdough experiments are gaining traction. What do these trends indicate about current consumer preferences in terms of health and culinary exploration?

The growing interest in avocado-based dishes and sourdough experiments reflects a broader trend towards culinary innovation and health-conscious eating habits. Searches for unique recipes like “avocado bread” and “sourdough tortillas” have spiked by 180% and 200%, respectively, demonstrating consumers’ desire for new ideas in the kitchen while staying healthy.


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