Say Cheese: Pizza Meets Mac & Cheese

May 28, 2024

There’s a food frenzy taking over Canadian eating habits. Whether it’s fun fast food combinations or must-try flavour pairings, we all seem to be eagerly waiting for the next new and exciting item to try for themselves. Luckily, Little Caesars Canada is here to fill our cravings. 

The new Crazy Puffs KD Mac & Cheese! This is a first-of-its-kind innovation from Little Caesars Canada that mashes up pizza and mac & cheese into one crave-able bite. And as we know, everyone (OK, almost everyone) loves pizza and mac & cheese. A recent survey conducted by Little Caesars even found that the majority of Canadians like pizza (97 per cent) and mac & cheese (82 per cent). So it was only right that Little Caesars create a delicious snack that combines both. 

When you bite into your Crazy Puff, you will immediately be delighted by this combination of cheesy goodness; that perfect blend of freshly made dough, KD Mac & Cheese, and sprinkle of cheddar cheese powder is guaranteed to be the cheesiest bite you could ever ask for. For only $4.99 + tax, each order includes four handheld pieces and are available at Little Caesars Canada restaurants now, so check out and RUN to your nearest location! —Vita Daily 


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