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It’s Finally Here: The Birds Papaya x Reitmans Exclusive Collection

May 29, 2024

Do we have the most exciting news in fashion this month?! We think we just might! Reitmans has once again teamed up with Sarah Nicole Landry, aka The Birds Papaya, the renowned influencer, speaker and podcast host, best known for her body positivity mantra.

For this second collaboration with the iconic women’s retailer, Sarah has co-designed a collection of timeless pinks, denims and florals, inspired by things she loves most. The collection truly embodies Sarah’s ethos: a celebration of life firmly on the path of least regret, lived boldly and unapologetically. The Birds Papaya x Reitmans collection is currently available both in-store at Reitmans locations across Canada and online. We chatted with Sarah to learn more about the partnership, the design process, the clothing range and her fave pieces from the collection! —Noa Nichol

Hi Sarah! You’ve built a significant platform promoting body confidence and self-love. Could you share a bit about your personal journey and what led you to become an advocate in this space?

I don’t think I initially set out to be an advocate for it, but more so just journaled my way through learning to allow my body to ebb and flow, and to stop a lot of my self-perfecting ways to try and embrace the life that was happening right in front of me. After going through significant weight loss, only to discover self-love wasn’t on the other end of it really challenged the narratives I had grown to believe in and pushed me to start challenging them a bit, too. It’s not been a perfect path, but it’s been mine. I’m so grateful that I’m way more of a participant in my own life (no longer on the sidelines) and that I’m present with my kids, my husband and the opportunities ahead of me. I only hope to inspire others to do the same.

What inspired the theme and colour palette of your new collection with Reitmans?

I’ve been all about nostalgia lately, and nerding out on the things of my childhood. I was really excited to come up with pieces that were timeless – with fabrics and designs that would stand the test of time. The floral pattern took the longest time, because it was almost like a memory in my brain of a pattern that I wanted to see a modern take on, so I was beyond happy with the results. I also am a big fan of denim on denim, it never goes out of style. Mixed together, all these pieces I feel really reflect me, my style, and the classic wardrobe pieces I hope to last many years for those who choose them for their closets!

Can you share some insights into your collaboration process with the Reitmans design team?

It all started with me sort of running through different cuts, ideas, patterns, styles and presenting them on a mood board. From there, their designers came back with some ideas and iterations of what was possible. Together (over the span of a year) the collection came to life, and co-designing with them was an incredible learning opportunity for me and an amazing chance to find creativity in a new place.

Your ethos of celebrating life “on the path of least regret” is evident in the collection. How did you infuse this philosophy into the design of the pieces?

We often hear about the path of least resistance, but as someone who sidelined herself a lot, I realized the path of least regret is the one for me. I wanted pieces that could accompany that. Things to go out on dates in, wear to the park with your family, days with friends, festivals and concerts. I wanted it to be comfortable, stylish and just something that you could wear to whatever you’re saying “yes” to that day.

Inclusivity is a key aspect of your collaboration, with sizes ranging from 0 to 22 and various style options. How important was it for you to create a collection that caters to women in a range of shapes and sizes?

As someone who grew up having to shop apart from my peers due to my size, I’ve known for a long time that shopping together is the best way to go. That’s a big reason why I was keen on working with Reitmans again. It’s not just the collection that has an incredible size range, but all of their stuff is available in XS-3X – so everyone can find the fashion essentials they need.

The collection features a mix of timeless denim pieces and breathable linen-blend separates. What do you hope women feel when wearing these pieces?

Comfortable, confident, ready to go!

Could you highlight a favourite piece from the collection and share the story behind its design?

Ah, this is a hard one, and I feel like I keep flip flopping on the answer, but I’m gonna say today – the denim crop top. I know the floral dress seems like a more obvious choice, but I really gotta say that the denim crop is so versatile and I’m so proud of it. With a side zip AND a smocked elastic back for different chest sizes, it’s just the cutest piece and something that can be paired with denim, with florals, or black dress pants and a blazer.

As someone known for promoting body confidence, how do you think fashion can contribute to empowering women?

I think the most important thing is that we show up in our lives. So first and foremost – are you comfortable? Fashion shouldn’t feel uncomfortable if we’re going to do more than just stand around in our outfits. Secondly, does it help you say “yes” to more because you know you have something to wear that’s both fashionable and comfortable? I have a couple “yes” outfits that I always hang onto because on bad body image days (which are inevitable) sometimes it’s great to have something you just KNOW you’re going to feel comfortable in.

What I loved about working with Reitmans is that they are all about encouraging women to embrace fashion as a bold statement of self-expression – and that really comes to life with this collection, I feel. My sincere hope is that the collection brings joy to women and empowers them to embrace fun and live their best lives, no matter what that looks like.

What message do you hope women take away from wearing your collection?

I just hope they feel like they can be themselves in it. Whatever that looks like. A classroom, a boardroom, a kitchen, a park, a festival, a date on the town. I hope they feel amazing.

Beyond fashion, what are some of your other passions or interests that influence your work and creativity?

Everything. I’ve been working hard in the act of noticing. Instead of blindly going through our days really paying attention to the little moments of joy, which some will call “glimmers”. This has helped me really see when I feel my best, what makes me feel that way, and get excited about the little things again.

Your style ethos emphasizes embracing what brings true happiness and living boldly. How do you maintain this philosophy in your daily life, beyond just clothing choices?

Honestly? I think a lot of people think I’m just this wildly confident person. I don’t think anyone realizes how much sleep I lose over being nervous for a photoshoot or a runway walk in a bikini. The difference is, I keep saying yes to them. I keep showing up. I keep doing the things. I keep CHOOSING confidence, instead of waiting for it to come and claim me. It’s the absolute best thing in the world, to feel yourself fight through that.

With summer approaching, how do you plan to incorporate pieces from your collection into your own wardrobe? Any styling tips or favourite combinations you’re excited to try?

I’ve been so inspired by how others have been wearing the pieces, to be honest! I’m really excited to play with the sets a bit more, and I’ve been wearing the denim crop jacket almost every single day. I just love how easy they are to wear, and how often I’m picking them out of the closet.

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