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Discover The Power Of Product Layering For Your Hair

May 30, 2024

We all have our personalized skincare routines, layering various products to nourish and protect our skin. So why not apply the same approach to our hair care? It’s time to revolutionize hair wellness by embracing the benefits of product layering to repair and protect our hair from the inside out. Launched earlier this year, Première by Kérastase is a six-step luxury haircare collection designed to transform damaged hair to its premier state. 

Like our skin, hair is sensitive to environmental damage and dehydration. High calcium levels in bathing water can particularly harm our hair, causing persistent damage from build-up during each shower. With six unique steps, outlined below, the Première routine decalcifies the hair, removing unwanted calcium deposits to restore its natural strength and luster.  

The secret lies in layering. Begin with the pre-shampoo concentrate applied to damp hair, followed by massaging in the shampoo without rinsing. This innovative combination of citric acid and glycerin effectively removes calcium deposits, setting the stage for the entire collection. After rinsing, apply the conditioner, leave it on for a minute, then rinse again.

Remember: damaged hair doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. With Kérastase Première, you can say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to luxurious, healthy hair at its premier state! —Vita Daily

Première Concentré Décalcifiant Ultra-Réparateur – $89

A pre-shampoo concentrate with a potent mix of 8% acids to reduce stiffness, boosting shine, recreating 99% of hair’s original strength.

Première Bain Décalcifiant Réparateur  – $57

A powerful sulphate-free formula containing 3% Citric Acid and 5% Glycine that gently cleanses the scalp and hair, helping remove calcium buildup, resulting in 73% shinier hair that is 2x smoother. 

Première Fondant Fluidite Reparateur – $65 

An anti-rigidity decalcifying repairing conditioner that instantly restores moisture and fluidity. Experience the difference with 86% more moisture and an 82% increase in shine.

Première Masque Filler Réparateur – $100

An anti-breakage repairing filler mask that helps fill the surface and penetrate the hair fiber to promote repair for the core, resulting in 98% less breakage and 97% reinforcement of the inner structure. 

Première Serum Filler Fondamental – $89

A repairing anti-frizz filler serum designed to repel humidity, deeply nourish and lock out frizz. With 72 hours of anti-frizz protection, Première Serum Filler Fondamental helps protect against heat damage up to 230C, leaving the hair twice as soft.

Première Huile Gloss Réparatrice  – $62

An intense shine-repairing oil that neutralizes dullness and helps seal split ends, leaving the hair looking 4x shinier with 92% fewer split ends.


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