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How To Shop Your Closet For Summer’s Boho Trend

May 30, 2024

These days, trends are coming at us faster than ever.  It can feel overwhelming to “keep up”. Some of us try them all out, others avoid trends at all costs, while some may dabble when a trend comes along that speaks to them. A current trend we are thrilled to see make a comeback for the spring/summer season is boho chic. Yes, those early 2000s vibes are back, but like all fashion that comes around again, it’s changed a bit. The current take on boho has a more contemporary feel. The colours are more muted with blacks, whites and neutral tones, the prints are more toned down, and sleek items like leather jackets make a lovely juxtaposition against the soft, feminine layers.

The early 2000s trend was inspired by the hippie trends of the 1960s and 1970s but, interestingly enough, the bohemian fashion movement actually began about 200 years ago. Bohemian fashion is rooted in the artistic Parisian streets around the end of the 18th century. After the French Revolution, writers, artists, musicians and other creative folks were denied royal patronage and resulted in a counter-culture that exuded a free-spirited artistic expression and their style matched. They wore flowing, non-restrictive fabrics, hair accessories, mixed materials and hand embroidery. With that history lesson in mind, let’s break down what elements we can be looking for to create our own boho chic looks for 2024.

When it comes to trends, we often think we need to go out and buy new items. The reality is that we often have trendy items hanging right in our closets hiding in plain view. We just need to know what we are looking for. Here are some elements to shop for in your closet. —Jen Pistor


One of the easiest ways to add some boho to your look is to add some lace or crochet detail to your outfit. You could go as bold as lace skirt or crochet top, or as subtle as some lace trip on a camisole. 

    Feminine Layers

    When we think boho, we probably think of long, flowing dusters layered over everything from shorts to denim. While current boho looks will likely have a simpler feel with a solid colour or simple print, it will feel undeniably bohemian. 

    Oversized Sunglasses & Statement Jewelry

    These accessories seem to be the trademark of boho style. Large sunglasses will forever look chic and when paired with large earrings or a vintage necklace, we play into that bohemian aesthetic. With the current boho trend being a more muted and streamlined look, you can afford to do more with accessories. Wear the stacked bracelets AND the statement earrings. Layer on your vintage necklaces. Don’t choose between the bold earrings and eye-catching necklace. Wear both!

    Pops of Leather

    The modern boheme is wearing a fab, vintage leather jacket over their soft layers. It gives a bit more structure and keeps your outfit looking current. You can also introduce some leather to your look with belts, sandals and bags. If you don’t have that perfect leather topper already in your closet, opt for a vintage or secondhand one. There are lots of amazing options on Poshmark and the thrift shops usually have a great assortment. Don’t skip the men’s section. Sometimes that’s the best place to source a more current silhouette. 

    Large Woven or Slouchy Bags

    Did you hang on to your old boho handbags? Does your mom or aunt have the best vintage straw tote? Do you have a little stockpile of cotton canvas and linen totes? These are the bags to grab for. You can also grab anything embroidered, studded, fringed or adorned with tassels. 

    Natural Fabrics & Materials

    Linen has to be one of the first fabrics that comes to mind when you think bohemian. A long linen dress is a soft hue, a flowy linen pant or a linen layering piece add instant texture and depth to any look. You are also going to want to reach for your cottons, hemps, Tencels and even lightweight wools. For accessories, think wovens, straw, whicker, leathers and even clay for jewelry. 

    Relaxed Denim

    Whether it’s a flared jean or a loose straight leg jean, a more relaxed, unstructured denim is what you want. Style them with a lace tee or crochet tank and an easy leather sandal. A quick, messy cuff on the straight leg styles play into the laid back feel of it all while making it perfectly practical for warmer weather. 


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