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How A West Vancouver Residence Is Helping Seniors Celebrate Pride Month

June 27, 2024

June is pride month, and creating safe LGBTQ+ spaces for seniors is as important as it is for any other group. At West Vancouver’s Amica Lionsgate, residents were delighted by a special appearance from drag queen, Margaux Rita. She kicked off the celebration with an exceptional performance, followed by leading an exciting game of bingo, and concluded the event in a show-stopping gown. The celebration demonstrated how generations can come together to celebrate Pride and how truly special these relationships can be for all generations. We chatted with Margaux Rita to learn more! —Vita Daily

Can you tell us about your journey as a drag queen and how it led you to perform at Amica Lions Gate’s Pride celebration?

I’ve always been a performer since I was a young child in the Philippines and have loved entertaining others through singing and dancing. When I moved to Canada when I was 15, I discovered the art of drag and became a fan of the TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. I started doing drag after going to my first drag show here in Vancouver called “Drag Me to Hell”. I was inspired by the drag queens I saw performing and saw how passionate they were about their performances and it led me to start doing drag as well. I eventually began performing all over Vancouver and other cities, and have been doing drag for just over 2 years now. My mom works at Amica Lions Gate and she and her coworkers know about my drag persona and I was invited to take part in the pride celebration.

What was your experience like performing for LGBTQ+ seniors at Amica Lions Gate, and how did it differ from other performances you’ve done?

I chose songs to perform that I thought people of all generations would know and knew it was important to keep the seniors energized and engaged, so that was an important part of hosting a bingo game for them to include all the seniors and encourage everyone to play. I had so much fun performing for seniors and it touched my heart in a different way from my other performances to see them appreciate and enjoy my drag.

Why do you think it’s important to create and celebrate safe LGBTQ+ spaces for seniors, and how can these celebrations impact their well-being?

An important part of creating LGBTQ+ spaces is for seniors to feel welcomed and a part of spaces that they may not have experienced. For many seniors, they can find love and acceptance in these spaces and it’s important that we recognize their need for community.

What role do you believe drag performances play in fostering inclusivity and acceptance in diverse communities, particularly among seniors?

Drag is all about expressing self-love and portraying the unique perspectives of the performer. Drag performances connect with the audience on an emotional level with the song, and for seniors, this can be very captivating and eye-opening for them. With a drag performance, everyone in the room is included and brought into the experience, and there is an incredible energy that everyone can feel. No matter what your gender, race, age, or sexual orientation is; drag performances include everyone.

How did the intergenerational aspect of the Pride celebration at Amica Lions Gate enhance the overall experience for both you and the residents?

With the Pride celebration at Amica Lions Gate, the audience was full of people from all generations, from the elderly residents to their younger children and grandchildren. It was so fulfilling to see everyone captivated and involved with the Pride celebration, and it was amazing how the day brought together family members from all generations to be present in the moment and connect with others.

What advice would you give to other senior residences looking to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for their LGBTQ+ residents?

If you were to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ residents, make sure that you listen to the perspectives of those residents and ask them how they would want to celebrate Pride on a personal level. It’s also important to create spaces that are easily accessible for all residents and take into account their preferences when creating events and opportunities for LGBTQ+ residents to connect with their community.


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