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How To Protein Like A High-Performance Athlete

June 27, 2024

To Canadians, summer is more than just a season of sunshine. It means weekends at the soccer field and evenings full of tee-ball practice or swimming lessons. This summer, after some world class inspiration, we know Canucks will want to stay fuelled up to be on top of their game and performance! Luckily, athletic nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, Abby Langer is here to help with advice and top recipes to begin your day like a high-performance athlete.

What are some of your favorite summer recipes that are both delicious and packed with protein and essential nutrients?

I love cool treats like frozen iced coffee pops with just coffee and whole milk. The milk gives me protein and electrolytes, especially after working out in the heat!

I also make frozen chia pudding pops using chia pudding made with milk, shredded coconut, and berries. Just prepare the pudding, spoon it into popsicle molds, and freeze! Not only do you get the protein and 15 essential nutrients from the milk, you also get fibre from the chia and berries.

One more recipe I love for summer is feta dip with hot honey. Blend feta, a bit of feta brine, olive oil, whole milk, garlic, lemon juice, and salt until smooth. Transfer the dip to a bowl and drizzle with hot honey. Serve with crackers, toasts, and raw veggies. 

How can individuals effortlessly incorporate 15 essential nutrients into their daily diet, especially during the busy summer months?

It’s important for not only athletes, but also people to ensure they are consuming enough protein and nutrients everyday to stay strong and healthy. One glass of local, Ontario milk contains 15 essential nutrients and 9 grams of protein, so incorporating this into your morning routine, whether it’s in a smoothie or simply on its own, is a great way to add essential nutrients and high-quality protein into your diet. By incorporating one glass of milk into our diets, we’re able to boost our energy, strength and recovery, which allows athletes to reach their potential in a high-performance setting.

Milk is so versatile, and while many of us don’t immediately think of it as being a source of protein, it definitely is! I make sure to use milk in my oatmeal, smoothies, chia pudding, and baked goods, for that extra boost of protein and nutrients. 

Can you share some tips and tricks to help people meet their personal health and fitness goals this summer while still enjoying their favorite foods?

Although athletes may have a much stricter eating regimen and workout schedule, we can still learn the importance of properly fueling our body to perform our best, whether this is related to meeting our fitness goals or performing our best for daily tasks by having enough energy.

Another thing we can learn from athletes is that when it comes to nutrition, we don’t need to make it complicated. Something like a nutrient-rich smoothie in the morning, including a glass of milk, can help start our morning off strong and keep us satisfied throughout the day. 

We can’t forget the after-workout replenishment of both fluids and electrolytes, which milk can help with! Making a milk shave ice with fruit, using it in a protein smoothie, or even just drinking a glass of milk are all great ways to replenish your body after a workout. 

How do the high-performing athletes you work with incorporate a single glass of milk into their diets, and what benefits do they experience in terms of energy, strength, and recovery?

Reaching one’s protein goal is key to ensuring athletes are maintaining proper nutrition while training and competing. For athletes to meet their potential, they need electrolytes to rehydrate and vitamins and minerals to help their bodies recover. Without these key vitamins, athletes are unable to train at their best which will show in their workout routines. 

Performance will suffer if we don’t nourish our bodies properly. The electrolytes and 15 essential nutrients including protein in milk put back what we lose in exercise and, help to build and maintain muscle.

How does your fave Easy Oatmeal Pancakes by Marisa Moore recipe help boost performance and energy levels for athletes and non-athletes alike?

Oatmeal pancakes contain fibre and protein, along with healthy carbs to fuel activity and help keep our bodies strong. When we nourish our bodies, we can push ourselves harder and longer to meet our exercise goals and get stronger. The protein and fibre in these pancakes help keep us fuller for longer, too!


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