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TaroScope: April 2017

April 4, 2017

Your future is bright—or, at least, predictable (in the best possible way) thanks to our brand-new resident tarot expert Kerry Ward, whose horoscopes also star in Cosmo UK. To kick her monthly VITA reading off, Kerry reveals what’s in store for the air, earth, fire and water signs among us this April (hint: this Pisces is about to banish some bad apples from her life)!


air signs: libra, aquarius, gemini (the hermit, justice, the hierophant, nine of coins). Put some space between you and what troubles you. Consciously retreat to find a dark, quiet corner … and don’t return until you have found a light. Come forth with solutions that benefit everyone involved, protect you now and, importantly, don’t damage your future prospects. Slow down over this process, neutralize your emotions, play "the long game". Have faith in "being nice and act as though the universe (and karma) is watching you!

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