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5 Tools To Shift Your Energy & Life

November 16, 2022

Everything is energy, including the human body, and as the world of Quantum co-creation teaches us: we all have the capacity to shift our own energy, and to therefore shift our lives in any direction we choose. It’s also true that humans have a negativity bias, meaning that we’re going to be navigating the higher and lower aspects of ourselves until we die. Our tendency towards being hyper vigilant about our fears comes from ancestral times–it’s old and deep–so we do need to work at calibrating towards a higher energetic state. And the good news is that we can. Here are five very accessible ways to shift and direct your own energy, and uplevel your life.

breathwork. The hype is real: breathwork is an incredible way to release the grip of the Ego, and drop us into our deeper, much vaster ways of knowing and experiencing life. Breathwork is the most powerful way I’ve found to shift my own energy; I consider breathwork consciousness medicine, because it blasts open our ability to attune to our Higher Selves, and receive guidance. The practice of breathwork is linked with supporting our overall physical health; the science shows it comes with many benefits, including supporting a stronger immune system and lowering anxiety. For anyone curious to try it, here’s how to start a breathwork practice.

kundalini yoga. Recently, I took an online 30 day kundalini practice with Vancouver-based Marika Richoz which made me extra aware of my capacity to choose the energy I want to embody in my day-to-day life. Kundalini is a very activating practice that’s known to help the body move stuck and stagnant energy and increase our energy and vitality. It helps to get all of our energy centres back into alignment. If you’re looking for ways to practice Kundalini Yoga, here are five places to try Kundalini online

journeying. I’m not talking about a trip to Mexico, friends, I’m talking about the art of going on a deep, guided visualization journey to reveal what your subconscious wants you to know. I’ve experienced some incredibly powerful insights thanks to guided journeys and 1:1 sessions with Vancouver-based Angela Prider. She has an upcoming workshop called Envision 2023, a group divination journey to help you get clarity on where your life is at, and envision your highest for the year ahead. 

spirit guidance. If you’ve ever experienced a Spirit Guide session that brings you information about yourself, your path, and why you’re here on this planet at this point in time, well, a session like this can change your beliefs and energetics. I’ve received incredibly helpful guidance thanks to Spirit Guide sessions with Toronto-based Corrina Choe and Vancouver-based Jaime Zajac, both of which offer workshops that can help you attune to your intuitive energy and access your own Higher guidance. 

quantum awareness. By observing the Highest truth of who we are, we make it more real. Quantum manifestation is about putting yourself in the vibrational state of your ideal outcome without egoic attachment, which means authentically feeling your Highest reality in order to bring it to life. This is powerful energy work, and it’s the core of modern day energy medicine. To experience this work directly, I’d recommend the quantum workshops and 1:1 sessions offered by BC-based Guliz Unlu. 

Truth: when we learn to direct our own energy, we can create potent shifts in our lives. If this is a topic that resonates, I’d like to invite you to experience all of the above practices in an upcoming experience called The Collective Shift, a three-month online community journey that starts in January. –Monica Krake, Breathwork coach and founder of Head + Heart


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