A Guide To Buying Your Man The Trendiest Scents For Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2024

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re in search of a great gift for that special guy in your life, cologne is a great idea. First off, there’s lot of options out there, each with their own notes and specific scents, and since you’ll be the one who smells it all the time, it only makes sense that you choose it. And cologne is a timeless gift and something men will use every day until forever! We’ve rounded up some of the most popular men’s colognes out there that would be a great gift for every Valentine. —Jennifer Cox

For a classic scent, there’s Jack Black’s Eau de Parfum ($96). It is crafted to appeal to the complex tastes of the modern gentleman, and has notes of both citrus and warm woods. It’s the perfect anytime fragrance. And there are also other accompanying products, like after shave.

For a more playful cologne, we love Calvin Klein’s CKIN2U Eau de Toilette for Men ($22, available on Amazon Canada).  It has a bright and woody smell but with surprising twists, like lime gin fizz and cool musk. It truly embodies the confidence and sensual masculinity of the modern man. If this scent doesn’t entice you, there are three others to choose from.

For the outdoorsman, Dior’s Sauvage (60 mL $125) is like a deep breath of fresh air, with juxtaposing notes of woodsy amber and vibrant citrus. It has just enough aroma that it’s captivating but not overpowering. It’s formulated for all-day wear, there are four sizes in all, and there is an after shave in the same scent as well.

Tom Ford’s Fougere Oud ($59, available through Dossier) was created for men who are cool, calm, and collected. Oud, also named agarwood, is one of the most exclusive raw materials in the perfumery world and comes from a tropical evergreen tree called the Agar tree. When certain fungi grow on this tree, the tree naturally responds by releasing a resin which gives rise to the formation of resinous heartwood, known as Oud. This scent has a unique blend of deep, warm, spicy, leathery, balsamic, and woody notes.

Men who love a touch of sophistication will also fall for Bleu de Chanel from Chanel ($110). It features an bold, aromatic-woody fragrance with a captivating trail. It comes in a signature bottle in a deep and mysterious shade of blue. This men’s cologne perfectly illustrates simple and passionate elegance.

For the nature lover, newly released Hermès H24 Herbes Vives ($135 50ml/$179 100ml, available at Hermès boutiques across Canada and evokes that scent that emerges when rain strikes, breaking a man’s stride. Transforming the perception of space, rain illuminates greenery in a multitude of shades and scents, reveals unique emotions, reactivates energy and offers men a different perspective.


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