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The Most Flattering Haircut For Thin Hair + What To Avoid; Here’s What One Expert Says

February 1, 2024

Ready to upgrade your hair game to new heights? A well-crafted haircut has the power to transform your look, especially if you have thin or fine hair. For those of us with thin, frizzy locks, finding the perfect cut that does wonders isn’t always easy. While the latest haircut trend on TikTok may be the butterfly cut, will it suit thin hair? Let’s find out! We connected with a Master hairstylist Sarab Arora from Chatters Salon to learn about all things hair especially for fine and thin hair and got a cut too so keep reading to check out the before and after (spoiler alert: it isn’t the buttery cut). —Farah Khan

Key Factors When Choosing a Haircut For Thin Hair

The perfect cut begins with understanding the key factors that can transform your hair and go beyond mere aesthetics. Arora, a trusted stylist, shared the key factors that pave the way for a tailored haircut for thin hair:

  • Styling commitment: A crucial consideration is how your chosen style aligns with your daily routine and the types of tools you use on your hair. “When styling fine hair, you want to ensure you have the appropriate tools, brushes and products,” says Sarab. “These tools must be gentle with heat adjustment options. If someone with fine hair is applying too much heat and not using the proper brushes, it’ll cause mechanical damage leaving you with thinner, broken hair.”
  • Hair length: Next up, understanding hair length can make all the difference. Generally shorter to medium length can help hair look fuller. “It’s important to understand what hair length is achievable when working with thin hair,” she adds. “Your stylist will typically recommend a medium length cut to avoid looking limp and straggly.”
  • Face shape: Recognize what face shape you have and speak to your hairstylist about a cut that complements your features. Whether it’s adding soft layers or opting for fringes, always tailor your cut. “With any density, face shape is important to understand when choosing a flattering haircut,” says Sarab.

Haircut Recommendations

Before and after haircut by Sarab Arora at Chatters Salon. Photo by Farah Khan.

As we navigate the realm of haircuts, finding a balance between stylish and practical cuts is key. Our expert-backed haircut recommendations are here to do just that. This is the haircut Arora gave me and what she recommends for thinner hair. It was amazing to see the volume after this haircut as you will notice in the before and after photo above.

  • Blunt cut with minimal layers: Ask for a blunt cut which gives you an even cut that is the same length. “This style of cut preserves density and creates an illusion that your hair is fuller than it is,” she says. “Adding in just a few layers throughout will add movement, body and texture.”
  • Face framing layers: Most of us know adding layers can give volume, but it depends where. Sarab suggests adding a few face framing layers instead of layers throughout the head: “This will keep the fullness at the back of the head but still provide some movement around the face, especially when styled.”
  • Side-part styles: Whether you lean toward a side part or classic middle part, the parting choice plays a strategic role in adding volume. “Basing your haircut around a side part versus a middle part will add more volume to the top of the head, making it appear fuller.”

What Haircuts To Avoid

Understanding the styles that may not play well with thin or fine hair becomes a crucial part of the hair journey. Sarab, our guiding stylist, shared insights on the haircuts to avoid:

  • We should steer clear of butterfly cuts, V cuts, and undercuts if you have thin, fine hair as they remove weight and density, Arora said. These cuts are great for someone with dense, thick hair.
  • Another point to note is that long hair appears thinner toward the ends so preserving length can leave hair looking limp and flat. Arora added that letting go of length can help achieve healthy, fuller hair. 

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